Posted by: Mayu | May 11, 2009

Flying clouds!

I had such a lot of fun today!

Nico and Louise came over. Nico showed me his mole cricket on this pic lol.

And then Louise showed me a new design, what she has found in the internet and pixeled it.

I hope you can see it under Louise’s feet? It’s a flying cloud like you know perhaps from Dragonball, Son-Goku is riding there on a flying cloud called Jindujun too 😉 Awesome!!

Haha, it’s pretty cool to stand on one cloud and having a netfight together! 😆

Later on Kinsei joined our fight party too xD. What a struggle!! :mrgreen:

When Nico had to go, Kapp’n came instead, hiii! 😀

Here I showed Kinsei my house. I think I’ll get rid of my fruit room soon. I’m tired of it lol

A last group pic before I had to close my gates ;).

Flying clouds rocks!!! 😀 😀 Thanks Louise for sharing your pattern 😉



  1. I still love reading your blog Mayu! :mrgreen: And that is an awsome cloud patern- it literally looks like you guys are floating!

  2. it does! oh, and Happy (late) Mothers Day!

  3. Thank you rivergrl and Jesse 😀

  4. That pattern… Is SO COOL!

  5. Who’s the girl wearing the huge shades? I LOVE the pattern she’s wearing!

  6. Can you put the cloud pattern on your ‘icons and patterns’ page? please?

    • Ok… Just give me some time to prepare it 😉

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