Posted by: Mayu | May 10, 2009

Sorrel’s Compo result!

Ok, the poll is over – now you’re curious about the winners 😉

First here’s the result:

In total there were 90 votes.

1st place: Matthew with his Baabara pattern

2nd place: Lightshine32 with her Mitzi pattern

3rd place: Louise with her Aurora pattern

The won items are:
1st prize: 15 items: 5 hybrids, a metroid, a crown, a halo, a spaceship part, sold out sign, and five gracie shirts.

2nd prize: 10 items: 4 hybrids, a halo, a nile shirt, a metroid, gracie’s top, a spaceship part, a sold out sign

3rd prize: 1 hybrid, gracie’s top, halo, a spaceship part, a sold out sign

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!! 😀 😀 😀

Please settle dates with Sorrel when you can fetch your prizes, you can leave comments here for doing it 😉

And I have to say to all participant: You ALL had awesome, wonderful beautiful designs, please don’t be sad that you weren’t one of the winners, I hope that you at least had fun with designing and presenting it, I really had the fun to show it on my blog and you got my deep appreciation for it 😉



  1. yaaaay!

  2. lol… I voted for Matt because the Baarbara was really good. 🙂

  3. oh


  4. well done u guys !

  5. ty 2 every1 who voted!

  6. yay lou your aurora pattern was so cool i voted for you

  7. im glad i dropped out 😦

  8. Petal! 😥 Don’t say that, pleeeeease!

    And also, I got SECOND PLACE?! *faints*

  9. wow those prizes r so ko01! lol

  10. o yes my avatar is up and runnin lol! u likey xD?

    • Yes it looks goooood! 😀 So that’s your chara? it’s cute x3

      • yeh but usually i wear a beatnik/camo/well which ever shirt goes with it!

  11. well done guys!

  12. Sorrel, when can we meet up so I can recieve my… my… prize…! *faints* xD

  13. It may take a while as I have brake my AR and I need tah revise..

  14. Hey, when do you want me to collect my prize Sorrel? 🙂

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