Posted by: Mayu | May 9, 2009

Kapp’n, Nico and Liv

A little late, but I managed to go to liv’s town ‘my home’ this afternoon, as I promised yesterday 🙂

Hi Kapp’n! 😀 Yay, so nice to meet you again ^^. And wow Liv, you were really busy today, your entrance looks awesome!

We helped her finding a good path to Filbert’s house, that wasn’t that easy.

But all helped her with great efforts. ^^

Nico came too and he showed me his brandnew path pattern, so nice 🙂

Then Liv decided to have a flower garden at this spot, so we chopped some trees and then we were searching for some hybrids in her town, but there weren’t many. In my town I only had two, but I really wanted to help… then it came to my mind, that I could perhaps use Noni’s AR to help her…
It was the first time I cheated, and I can really say, I don’t feel very good with it, lol. Because I also have put the first flowers wrong on the ground (the others couldn’t see it) I got almost in panic and asked my son for urgent help!! xP

But finally with his help, I managed somehow to put enough flowers in the flower bed xP Sorry for my mistakes before liv and thanks for your great trust in me ;). But I can say for sure, that was my only and last time I used AR to cheat flowers!! 😆 I’ve thought it would be much easier (it always looked when my son is handling with it lol) but there’s really big risk to put false things on the ground and I must admit I was quite nervous to make all those flowers lol. So – I’m never going to cheat anymore 😉

It was a lovely afternoon, thank you all 😀



  1. the black rose dissapeared when i closed my gates!

    • You mean all black roses??

  2. Woww… Mayu, you used Action Replay? How did it feel?! And who’s Noni? O.o

    • Hi Lightshine32, yes I borrowed the Action Replay of my son.
      But it felt somehow sooo wrong!! LOL, I was really kinda scared about it, you can even put some wrong items on the ground, when you’re just cheating flowers xP. I’ll never touch AR again lol, that’s only for people who can handle with it very well 😉

  3. Lightshine: I think Noni is her son because I don’t think Mayu has Action Replay, but her son might.It’s just a wild guess.

  4. If I’m right then I’m pretty awesome!

    • Haha yes, you’re absolutely right xP ^^

  5. Cool you are right!

  6. If only Mayu was awake….

  7. WHOAH! Did you use action replay to get all those roses?! There are so many!

    • Yes, my first and only time I used Action Replay from my son!! 😛 😛 Never do it again! Too scared of hahaha 😆

  8. lol guess what!? I FINISHED SATS WHOOOOOOOOOOO i can play with you again now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. lol du sahst bei dem einem bild aus wie eine försterin und dann TODES AXT xD

  10. I keep trying to get hybrids of roses but they NEVER COME its been MONTHS!
    and im getting really tired of it ,
    but i mostly want blue and purple roses xD

  11. Mayu what can happen if you use AR too often…?

    • Hmmm I’m not sure, I have no experience in it. My son uses it for more than a year now, but it’s still working and his town is also doing well yet. So I don’t think that it’s a matter of how often you use AR but instead of that it’s a matter how in generally you’re using AR to decorate your town. Too many sparkling cedars cheated in a town for example would cause bad errors when you’ve got Bright Nights in your town. I know many people whose games couldn’t start for that period of time, they only saw a black screen… the problem was solved when they timetravelled to a date before or after Bright nights, but still it’s somehow dangerous to put too much hacked items in your town 😉

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