Posted by: Mayu | May 8, 2009

Pitfall fun! xP

I opened again my gates this evening and this time I’ve prepared a little surprise for my visitors hehehe.

Liv and Louise dropped by, hello ! 🙂 Brrr thanks, Louise, I’ve got cold feet now 😈 lol

And Nico was also there, here he just changed his hairstyle ^^.

Then my evil moments came through :mrgreen:, I digged 4 pitfalls on several places near the beach and Nico was the first one who fell into it xP

Muahahaha! 😈

Well he also fell into the second one 😆 Where are your feet??

Liv who was afk during that time also dropped into my pitfall seed lol:

Yes, it was mean liv, I know xP ! Hehehehe!

Nice jump!

But the second time it seemed she enjoyed it lol

Whoa, it looks like liv is shaking her body like a dog to get rid of the dirt 😆

Louise was standing near the townhall and was so clever not to go to the beach xP

Aww, after she changed her hairstyle the halo is now flying around her upper pigtail, how cute is that 😀

Here Liv and me were visiting the museum then we all went to liv’s town my home.

There I had to visit Rasher again, I love him! :mrgreen:

And Truffles, Liv’s pink pig neighbour also have got this awesome gyroid who has got a pig nose?? I laughed about that also about those farting noises they made 😆

Oh I promised to design Liv a path pattern and that’s the new pattern now 😉

Liv soon was very busy to lay them down.

Cuty Louise in bride costume 😀

Then it was time for me to go but I promised to help her on Saturday afternoon with the path again. Byeee! (why is there always sunlight in the gates although it’s night in town?? xP Weird!)



  1. Pitfalls are very fun! I like how the characters still cling on to whatever equipment they’re holding while struggling to jump out. 😆

    By the way, how were you able to create new posts today with May 8th and 9th as the dates? If I’m not mistaken, there were no posts on those dates earlier today?

  2. Thanks for your visit again Claire ^^
    Yes pitfalls are very fun 🙂
    You can edit the post date in your posts, I do that because I always refer to the real date I’ve played with my friends. As my photos are taken on Friday on Saturday I edited my post dates (you can do it also before you publish it, just press the little edit button next to ‘publish immediatley’, there you can set the time, you can also post in the future and it will be published on the settled time) to the 8th or 9th, just to have a more chronological line in my posts 😉
    I found it easier that way, sorry that it might be confusing though 😛

    • Oh, I did not know you could do that. Thanks for letting me know and explaining it to me clearly! It’ll be so much easier now as I always worry that my date in the title does not match the date I posted on. I still have so much to learn about this site! 🙂

  3. I know exactly what you mean lol. And don’t hesitate to ask about wordpress things, I’ll help as much as I can 😉

  4. that was mean! xp
    and can u open now?
    cuz i can’t play 2night

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