Posted by: Mayu | May 7, 2009

Rhinoceros beetle!!

Sorry for this random post, but I found a really big insect (well to us Germans lol) on the street, when I came home from grocery shopping!! 😯
I put him onto my hand straight away and brought it to my home to let my kids see it. I’ve never seen such a big beetle here before lol (just in Japan I saw bigger ones haha)

May I introduce you:

The (European) Rhinoceros beetle!! 😀 😀

I wanted to measure him to let you see how big it is:

Hey! Don’t run!! You look like a cockroach on this pic!! LOL 😆

Ahh much better, ok… so it’s about 4cm tall, roughly 1,5 inch 😉

After we studied him enough we let him out again in our garden and put him on a tree trunk:

Such a beautiful bug!! Bye bye, it was nice to meet you! 😀



  1. cool 😯
    ich habe auch schon so was gesehen (auf dem Philippinen :lol:) Ihr habt einen garten? ich bin neidish xD 😆

    • Dort waren die bestimmt viel viel größer hihi ^^

  2. wow its massive!!

  3. may i introduce u to this link the tree octopus!

    • Looks like someone has thrown it into the tree xP 😆

  4. WHOOOAAA!!! 😯

    That’s so cool!!! I love it when you see bugs or fish in real life and say “They’re from ACWW!” lol 😳

  5. thats soo cool

  6. that one above me is me

  7. mayu cumon chat

  8. shall i opeen at 12pm my time or 1pm my time?

  9. tht was me btw

  10. Mayu, you….you….you put it into your HAND?! Like, you PICKED IT UP! 😯 If I had saw that beetle, let alone picked it up, I would run away as fast as my legs would take me and start screaming! 😥 You’re brave.

    • xP I played with bugs from when I was very young, lol, I teased my brother holding him earthworms in front of his face, then he always run away 😆

      • Eww, earthworms… 😯 My brother and sister once touched an earthworm, but not me… it looks so… squishy… 😦

  11. mayu please go on chat

  12. Wow, I can’t believe you actually held that beetle.I’m really scared of bugs.If I saw that beetle I would do the same thing lightshine would do.

    • I’m not really scared of bugs, I’m deathly terrified of bugs. 😆

  13. yh me too! to day there was this giant cachroch in my house at first i saw it and was like ” Ok its just a bug.” but then i got closer and the the was huge! 😯 then it flow around my sister screamed I ran and in the end my dad took his shoe and killed it 😦 i felt kinda bad for the bug.

  14. hello all

  15. Ich hab auf den Philippinen auch mal eine riesen Spinne gesehen und bin weggerannt lol

    • Das hätte ich vielleicht auch gemacht xDD


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