Posted by: Mayu | May 6, 2009

May event: Pin up some photos on my virtual pinboard

Haha this time I didn’t want items spread over my town again and as I didn’t find another game/ideas what to do else besides touch events, I thought about having fun with my virtual pinboard 😉

My Virtual Pinboard, just click on pic
edit: I’ve deleted the pinboard as the may event is over 😉

So what’s that about? It’s just an option to show every people funny or interesting or self-designed or what ever you can imagine pictures on the pinboard. The only rule is (copied from that side):
Attention: Please use only pictures of your own. No pornography, no violence, no indignities, no right-wing extreme pictures, no other tastelessness, and no infringements of copyright!

It’s easy to show pictures on it, just click “add own picture” at the buttom of this site, find your picture on your computer and upload it directly and then it will be shown on the pinboard somewhere ;). Be aware that your pics might be sized to a smaller picture and that it’s randomly put on the pinboard. Also you have to know that newer pics from other people might overlap your old one when it’s going to be full, so it’s probably not going to be seen forever.
You can also add your homepage url and a comment to your pic, so I’m looking forward to you!! 😀 😀

Every day you can upload up to 2 pictures on my pinboard. And if there are some problems or troublesome photos, give me a hint and I’ll help.

Have fun!! ^^

P.S.: You can always get to my homepage easily by pressing the “home” button on the virtual pinboard site
And if you still have fun to look at it when the month is over, I’ll keep it on my blog 😉



  1. Wow, this is so cool!! I think I’m going to upload a lot of misc. pics… 😈 😆

    • Yay I’m waiting for them, Alfie 😆

  2. Thats so cool! How do u always find these awesome sites??? My robot’s eye is covored by the pin, so it has a green eye!!

    • Haha I laughed about the robot’s eye. Thanks for putting it up on my pinboard, I like to see it filled up, yay 🙂

  3. Hi Mayu, would you be able to delete the picture of my kitten on there? Personal reasons, really sorry 😦

    • not delete, but I can censore it (btw you too)

  4. Ohh, I was wondering about the one that got censored, was that it? 😦

  5. I don’t know, maybe Mayu put a censored picture to cover it? :S I don’t know how it works

    • You have to “make a complaint” – don’t worry it’s quite anonymous, so you can do it every time yourself, when you’re not comfortable with your pic ^^

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