Posted by: Mayu | May 5, 2009

My old and new friends ;)

What a busy evening!! xD Tuesday is Yuki’s time so I opened at 8PM in time and didn’t have to wait long for my first visitors:

It had been CALLUM!!! (at the right) I haven’t seen him for more than one year (my last post about him was in March 2008 😉 ) and I was really happy to see my little Scottish friend of Annie’s ACWW board again, :D. And Meow also dropped in, it’s always good to see you, Meow! What are Tuesdays without you? 🙂

Here you can see Meow better! She’s a real fashionista, I bet Gracie is jealous about you hehe. :mrgreen:

The angel is Jenny and the boy with the big nose is still Callum xD. What a HUGE nose!

That’s Deedee and me having fun with going fishing :D. Thanks for coming over, I always enjoy your visits! ^^

*sparkle sparkle* Aren’t we a nice fashion couple? 😛

Teasing Callum with dandelion’s seeds xP 😆

And Annie from Lazytown was in Mitsukyo!!! Yaaaay! 😀

A short visit from Sanni, too (hiiii! 😀 ), but while we were chit-chatting…

Wifi crashed and spoiled the fun! 😦 Meeeh! But I was able to play also with Snick, the sister of Callum, while she was controlling Callum’s chara. It’s sooo nice to meet you all up again 😀

The visits haven’t ended yet, I also had a new visitor, it’s Harry, the son of Annie :

Welcome to Mitsukyo!! Nice to meet you 😀

Well the evening turned out into a big reunion party, because when I had to reopen again after another Wifi crash:

Marylin came for a visit!!! It’s the father of Callum and Snick and I also know him for almost 2 years now! 😀 Don’t be surprised, he always used to play a female character and Callum, Snick and Marylin are playing all on one game card, so I can only see them one by one 😉

Be quiet Marylin, I want to sleep!!! 👿

Well you didn’t seem to enjoy my piano concert either xP hahaha

Such a lot of fun and visitors this evening, thank you ALL for it!! 😀 😀


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