Posted by: Mayu | April 28, 2009

Freak’s table tennis

Another evening with Yuki again. This time Jenny came at first, but soon a few seconds later Meow also dropped in. 🙂

Today Jenny is in her graduation outfit, hehe cute.

And Meow was like my sister today, she also has white pigtails, pretty! xD

Jenny took the chance to touch some items and to visit my neighbours (she loves my Jeremiah ♥ :mrgreen: ) then she had to go. I enjoyed your visit! 😀

While Meow is looking for some goods in Redd’s tent I tried to fill the tent with water xP

Then I waited for Meow and hoped that I would take a shot just in the right moment when the tent’s door is opening. And I waited and waited… and waited and waited…

Argh, a few millisecs too late 😈 She’s already outside when my camera is finally taking a shot of it 😛

Here I’ve got the evidence, that Meow has tripped me up!! 😈

Later on I asked her if we could go to her town Funky, as I wasn’t there for a few weeks now 😉

Ohh you’ve got a new path, that’s nice 😀

Well, Meow isn’t finished yet and still has to figure out what directions would be best to lay a path. It isn’t that easy to make it.

But I like her path and especially all those flowers in her town 😀

Meow has got a very odd neighbour: a male Goldie with a voice like one of the grumpy neighbours. EEEEEK!!!! *shock*

Meow: “Let’s take a picture of us three!” CHEEEESEE!

Of us three?!? You mean… 😯

Yuckediyuck!!! Could that be your Ex, Meow?!?!? xP 😛 (and it’s smelling like hell!!!)

LOL, I laughed a lot about the Freaks who are playing table tennis in her right room. Creeepy 😆 😆

Just when I almost had to go to bed, Deedee came also for a visit. You’re really beautiful today 😀

Hehehe, it was a superb evening, thanks for all the fun ^^

PS: I have an extra for you:

Me in my busy moments :mrgreen:



  1. huhu miki
    ich habe keine neue stadt gemacht 🙂 ich habe nur eine neuen FC geholt 😉

    FC:0044 9301 7501
    Name: Nico
    Stadt: Manila

    Bis dann (hoffentlich)

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