Posted by: Mayu | April 27, 2009


Today I had luck with my neighbours! 😀
Two of them were so kind to give me FINALLY photos again xP!!

First I got one from Jeremiah and

Samson also was splendid today, hooray! ^^

In the evening I opened my gates with Miki and Nico and Matthew dropped in. 🙂 And also… wait where’s the person?

I’ve put new items in my town and the boys began soon to touch it.

Ohh this was in the person’s town of whom I didn’t get any pics yet xD. Irina was standing next to me with the white bun, hii 😀 There! There she’s running! Can you see her!?

She showed my Cyrano’s house and wondered about his strange carpet, hehehe, yes, in the European version the dungeon floor DOESN’T FIT AT ALL with the Japanese set, why can’t we have the nice tatami floor, too?? 😈

HAA!! Hahahaha!! I’ve got you! Well I think you already guessed it, it has been Liv who was running through my pics lol 😆 . Soooo sorrry that I haven’t done better pics of you, all the others were quite blurry so these were the only ones I could show on my blog xP.
It was a nice evening 😉



  1. In ACCF we do get the Japanese version 😀

    I’m creating a Japanese room (there’s a ‘Japanese Theme’) so I can remember you! I know you like Japan very much!

    • Awesome! Please show it on your blog, when you’re finished ^^

  2. @ Mayu: Hiiya :mrgreen: can we meet up agaiin plls soon?
    @ Thea: LOL, Sounds Luuush!!!!!

    • Yes, sure ^^ I hope we can meet up this evening? 🙂 (but I don’t know if I can open around 8PM, hubby might be coming late at home today, so we eat supper also later)

  3. Yaaay! I seem to have achieved so much in only a week. I finally finished the fossil exhibit. It took me forever to get the last fossil I needed, the Ptera right wing.

    • Nice Jeronimo 😀 I know, the last fossil takes always foreveeeeerrr xP.

  4. Hiya 😦 im getting a new ac:ww argh :@ its because my ac:ww is american versiion so my ar wont work on it :@ but dont delete me cause i might not get a new one it depens if i want to go into the see and get all the stuff i need so dont delete me cause im thinking of not gettting a new one also im on ac:ww now! hope i can meet up with u all

    • oh it depends on the version of ACWW if Action replay can be used or not? I would think of that you have to change some codes for AR to use it for the American version not the other way around. I bet Action Replay can be modified.

  5. yay i want to see who wins on the compo i really want to see who wins soo good luck!

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