Posted by: Mayu | April 26, 2009

Standing in the row again…

Haha as soon as I opened my gates Mitsukyo was full in no time again 😉 :

Look, all were standing in a row, first was Liv, then Louise then Kyle xD

Kyle has got his golden watercan now, congratulations!!! 😀

And Louise was chewing an orange rose again, yumm yumm *ewwww*

Haha here we tried out what will happen, when Kyle is deleting me from his roster while he’s still in my town. And… nothing happened! :mrgreen: He soon added me back 😛

Luckily Louise was sleeping here, because we all tried to see what words are going to be censored, it was quite funny though xD. I learned a lot of new swearing words in English, tehehehe! We’re really bad persons! 😆

Cuddly moments on the sofa with Liv :mrgreen:

At the very end Matthew dropped by and we soon decided to go to his town, because Nico also wanted to come but only got error codes, what a bummer! 😦


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