Posted by: Mayu | April 26, 2009

Lovely designs in Lunarton

It was my first time when I visited Matthew’s town Lunarton.
And all in all I’ve to say: Matthew is a real great pattern designer, his town looks awesome with all those selfdesigned patterns everywhere 😀

But have a look for yourself:

The path is really great, looks so real ^^. Unluckily the flag can’t be seen here in full size, but that was very impressive too 🙂

All those blue flowers around Matthew’s house, sooo pretty!

Liv and me were exploring his main room in the house. I would like to have such a living room in real, too xP

Let me admire one of my favourite neighbours: Apollo! 😛

And we all had a nice picnic behind Bunny’s house. Aren’t those patterns sweet? 😀

Is there a cookie next to the drinks?!? THAT’s MINE!!!! 😈 😆

Finally(!!!) Nico managed to get into Matthew’s town too. He had to start a new town again, and this time he looks almost similar to Norbie, hehe. Pls don’t forget to readd him, his FC you can find in my FC list again 😉 And btw, the shirt Nico is wearing, isn’t a real Gracie’s shirt but a self-designed pattern from Matthew, that looks like the Gracie’s shirt! 😮 Wow!

Another shirt mania, this time we’re all superpeople: supermen & superwomen 😆

That was great fun, thanks for letting me visit, Matthew 😀



  1. hey, you should know that the path design and the superman/gracie clothes aren’t mine. i made them myself but copied them off ACC

    the picnic stuff and the flowers are mine though, but i created my own path today because i wanted my town to be original, and i prefer the new path so you should check it out again sometime 😛

    • Ah ok Matthew, but still your picnic and flowers are really great!! 😀

  2. Norbie: come to mine on saturday usual time 10am saturday sorrel and nico r coming 2 xp
    How cool!
    liv x

  3. to Matthew: I’ll come 10 min later to your town, I’m having a bath now

  4. I cannot say for sure but are those the Katrina1185 patterns?

    • Oh, I didn’t see your first post. Well… I think that that path is one of Hers, btw

  5. yeah the path is katrinas
    i did the flowers and picnic stuff myself
    but ive changed the path now to my own

  6. I’ve been using the gate post thingys that she makes. I’ve slightly modified them, but it doesn’t look any different…

  7. oh lol
    the path i had then was hers but in the grey version instead of brown

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