Posted by: Mayu | April 24, 2009

Salome from hawaii♪

I was looking for a good turnip price somewhere and so I looked for open gates with all charas. I found Salome’s gates open in Mayus roster and as I never visited her hawaii♪ it was no question that I had to visit her 😀

Hi Salome, heey, what a cute townflag ^^

I strolled over her town, my visit to Nook was without succes, he only had 86 bells for turnips 😛

Awesome outfit, Salome 😀

Salome’s town is really nice, everywhere flowers and lots of cute patterns on the ground

Also great pavement of your house, you have a good sense for decorating.

Hahaha inside her house I found a flamingo drinking from this birdbath, lovely idea ^^

Really nice garden here, I liked it very much

The other rooms were also really interesting. This mushroom room (lol) have three penguins neighbour pics in it and…

in this kiddie room you can find three cat pics 🙂

Thanks for letting me visit Salome, I enjoyed it a lot.



  1. I think she likes cats and penguins 😀

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