Posted by: Mayu | April 22, 2009

P!nk and Norbie

Yay I finally met up P!nk and Norbie again ^^
P!nk has got a new FC because she has got a new DS, that’s why I couldn’t see her lately in my town or vice versa. So please check her new friendcode if you want to meet her up 😉

Norbie gave me his new pattern for Sorrels competition and both were touching my items in town. That remembers me that I still have to change the themes again… -.-

Norbie asked me to change my hairstyle into the 3-pigtails one, okiedokie so I let Harriet do my new style…

Hey!! Don’t laugh, I thought you like it? 😈 Hehe 😛

But P!nk has also got 3-pigtails under her tophat, tee hee. Look how cute she is on this pic 😀

And Norbie is just… cooooool! 8)

Ahhh that room also reminds me of something!!
Michela!!! Savvanah!! When can we meet up that I can bring or you fetch your prizes?? xD And Savvanah, you still have to give me a list of what you want, I just know about the crown so far 😉



  1. Miki/Mayu
    Just letting you know that mine or georgina’s gate is gunnaa be open today and tonight.
    so feel free to join us(:
    do you have action replay?
    if you do. please come to my town
    and that
    friends x

    • Hi Mia, sorry I won’t be able to play until this evening 😦
      And no, I don’t have Action replay 😉 Hope to see you soon

  2. Ok
    Just thought i will tell you that im erasing (L)Mia(L)
    and have already made a new one called Leia
    but same town and everythin just different person
    because i have decided that i don’t like my eyes
    :L:L lol
    you coming on at 8?
    can you open your gate and can
    me and Georgina come round just us three?
    it will be fun(:

    Reply soon
    P.S < Georgina is getting a new animal crossing
    “Long story’
    See you at eight.
    but don’t delete Georgina
    you can delete Mia though x
    Byeee noww
    Friends *

    • Leia, I need your new FC please, otherwise you can’t get into my town xP

  3. and im designing that thing that sorrel is doing
    and gunna enter it so please when i come to yours
    can you take it and put it on here.
    im doing Chevre x

  4. i havn’t dun chevre now i’ve dun Redd
    Pleasee add me
    541363581626 Leia Lovee
    Add me and please can i have yours
    thanks x


    • Thanks Leia, mine is 2922-0581-5572 (Miki, Mitsukyo), may be we can meet up tomorrow in the late afternoon? Around 5PM my time?

  5. yeah i know. (:

    im just so coooooool. (: mayu, u should get accf so we can play online again soon 😦 btw, i can still play on the ds tho.. 🙂

    • Oh that’s good to know Norbie, then I’ll add you back to my roster ^^

      • oh btw, accf got boring …. like theres nothing to do, ACWW is the best ! :P. so plz re add me and hopefully we can play soon ;d. now im like addicted to acww :P.

  6. add me norbie?
    and mayu, you can add norbie in michaels space because he quit

    • I know myself, who I’m adding and who not lol. 😛

  7. Norbie looks like he loves eating Mayu’s turnips in that last pic 😀

  8. hi maggie want to chat in dawns chat

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