Posted by: Mayu | April 21, 2009

New record for Yuki: 6 friends on one evening :D

What a difference to last week, this time my town was full in no time lol, yay, I was really happy about it 😉

Deedee at the left and Meow on the right came over, but also

Jenny with the warbonnet ^^, hii

When Deedee has to go I accompanied her to the gates:

Byee Deedee, hope to see you soon again 🙂

Half an hour later my newest friend Fei dropped by, yay, nice to see you again.

But also my German friend Sanni took the chance to step in. Awesome outfit today, Sanni 😀

Meow and I went fishing, the time was good again to catch a coelacanth due to the rain :mrgreen:

But all we had this evening was seabass, seabass, seabass, seaass 😆

When Sanni had to go, Hayley from Keynes visited me. Hello!! 😀 Sorry that I couldn’t remember you, but I think it was our first time we met, is it right? xP

Cooiiee, Fei, we’re waving to you 😆

Ahh Hayley from close-up, but don’t click on this pic, otherwise you’ll get to see her real face :mrgreen:

Just another little chit-chat before I decided to close my gates, because I was already very tired at this time xP

Thanks a lot for all your visits, it was a lovely evening! 😉


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