Posted by: Mayu | April 20, 2009

Calm evening with my friends

Tonight I saw Julia’s gates open again, so I decided to go there 😉

Petal was also there and Matt, too who was fishing at the beach:

Well the Koi wasn’t from the ocean, but he showed me a lot was he has caught 😉

Close-up pic of Matt ^^

Later on I promised Petal to do a path design of her favourite colours white/light pink, so I went home to do that. When I wanted to enter Julia’s town again after 20 minutes, I saw that it was full :P.
Never mind, I’ll open then.

Liv, my loyal friend, seemed to have been waiting for it, because she just arrived at my town after a couple of seconds lol.

And Haku came, too, yaay, I was really happy to see him again ^^

Here’s Irina/Petal who fetched the pattern for her, I hope you like it.

And finally I could also give Haku the promised ordered red glasses xP.

Liv found this dress at Ables and bought it. Isn’t she cute? ^^



  1. LIV!!!! :mrgreen: when do u wanna meet?:P

  2. um saturday 9:30 my time?

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