Posted by: Mayu | April 19, 2009

Visitor congestion at Mitsukyo

What a lot of friends today in my town xD. Yaay, I’ve already opened my gates around 5PM and I didn’t have to wait long for my first visitors ;), as they were:

Irina and Sorrel 🙂

Irina gave me her pattern for Sorrel’s competition, her pattern is really cute (check the competition post to see it 😉 )

Louise came too, heeeey, what do you want to do with those axes, you two??? 😈

Sorrel and me had a rest by sitting on the comfy turnips 😆

That’s Megan, who also dropped by later ^^

And from Julia I’ve got only this pic… -.-… sorry 😳

Around 8PM I’ve opened another time, and Jesse with the crown and my new friend Matthew from Lunarton came for a visit! Welcome! 😀

Kyle was shocked, when Matthew said, that they look similar 😆

Well, you’re not that similar on this pic :mrgreen: (Kyle looks like the father or grandpa of Matthew hahaha xP )

Changing-clothes-stars-pic of Matthew 😉

And Liv and me showed off our latest catch lol

Jesse, wanted to play a beehive hunt in my town, but then he suddenly said “Turn power off! Now!” so I turned off… What happened Jesse? Have you put the beehive on not a normal place with your AR? xD I suppose that, otherwise you haven’t been in such a panic mood at last lol. Sorry that I couldn’t open anymore, but it was also almost time to visit Louise, which I promised before 😉



  1. Well, I hope everything was ok in your town afterwards 😉 (I know your always worrying 😛 )

    The caption underneath the last photo should be ‘And Liv and me showed off our latest catch lol’
    catch instead of caught 😉

    • Thank you Thea ~♥

  2. I’m famous 😀


    I look exactly the same in every pic (except the backflip one)

    Thanks again for a great time Mayu 🙂

    • My pleasure 😀

  3. Mayu, you play sometimes with adul person?
    And with Verdandi?
    Now, it’s rare to meet adult in acww lol …

    • Yes, Tuesdays evenings are my adult meetings. I mostly see Meow, Shelley, Deedee, Annie and Jenny there.
      Verdandi didn’t play ACWW anymore, for 2 years now I think. Same with Sara(aka Emma from UK), if you still know her ^^

  4. I accidently used the “Turn weeds into bells” cheat. I hope ur weeds are all still there. If they arent, I sent u an e-mail to show the plan on how to fix it. sorry.

    • Ohh I see, no worries, everything is fine in my town 😉 Thanks for your immediate help that I should turn off lol

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