Posted by: Mayu | April 19, 2009

Kiwi Beach Market!!!

Ohh I was really excited to see Louise again this evening, because everyone was telling me that she has got an awesome beach market in her town Kiwi :D.

😮 Wooow, what a nice entrance, Louise!! That fits perfectly!!

Hi Louise, thanks for having me over, now pleeease show me your new achievement 🙂

😯 WHOA! Wowowowowow! 😯 What’s that?? That’s a complete little town in a town, lol.

Amazing!! I can see another little house, Gracie’s car, Nook’s Cranny, Able sisters shop, another gate(!), Katrina’s tent and Redd’s tent here, what a surprise xD!!

Haha Katrina’s tent is quite funny, Louise is standing half in the tent and half outside 😆

I let her tell me the fortune of today…

Left of Katrina’s tent you see the gate and Redd’s tent. I asked Louise how she can know every day Redd’s password, but Louise is clever, she looks it up on Internet 😉

When you walk down from Redd’s tent, there’s Nook’s Cranny. Haha your neighbour is living very close to the beach market lol.

Inside my sexy Nook is waiting for me ♥ :mrgreen:

A surprise awaited me when I entered the house, because when I left it again…

… I was teleported to her real house on the other side of her town lol.

Katrina told ALL of us bad fortune, it was fun to see everybody tripping on the sand, and I could finally take one of our sand angels, tehehe.
(from left to right Julia, Louise, me and Liv)

Nevertheless Liv was quite lucky by catching this rare coelacanth 😮 Awesome!!
(Irina is on the left side, she came later when Julia left)

But Irina had another surpise for us, she showed off her ocean sunfish! LOL xD

Peeping into Katrina’s tent, while liv is having told the other fortune (how good we fit to one person)

That was a wonderful evening, your town is really great, Louise ^^



  1. Woooooooooow…

  2. Wooooooow! Louise your Beach market is really cool!!

    Lol, sexy Nook?! 😆

    • Yes I looove the first Nook with just his apron 😆

  3. lol thanks guys!
    whilst i was doing my german homework i found this website :
    its a simpsons quiz en deutsch! pls tell me wot score u get i got 8/10 🙂

    • I got 10/10 too lol.
      ( Super, du sitzt den ganzen Tag mit Homer und seinen Freunden bei Moes. Du trinkst Duff-Bier und du erfährst alles, was in der Stadt passiert!

      Sie haben 10 von 10 Aufgaben richtig beantwortet.

      Im Durchschnitt haben die 705 Surfer, die das Quiz gemacht haben, 9.47 richtige Antworten gegeben. )

      • You must of done the quiz just after me, as it said out of the 704 surfers, and yours was 705^^

      • lol very good!

  4. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, unh hunh, yeah go go me! 10/10, yay 😀 That quiz was fun Louise!

  5. Thats SOO cool! Did u do those with seeds?? I thought those were bad? oh well. Its ur town, ur choice.

  6. Kiwi, your beach market is soo cool! Can I have your friend code so I can go too?

  7. Whoops, I called you “Kiwi”! Look who’s tired today! 😆 Sorry Louise!! 😆

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