Posted by: Mayu | April 18, 2009

Just three tiny pics…

…I’ve got of this evening 😦 .
Sorry that I couldn’t open my gates at 8PM, but we were sooo much busy in family, hubby and I worked on renovating our old windows at home, that took almost all the day.
Just around 10PM I could finally take some rest and I went to Julia’s town Zychowo 😉

This cute girl is Nellyy 😀 I like your style very much ^^

Matt was also there 🙂 and we had a good chit-chatting with lots of jokes lol.

When I tried to order another chips/fries with mayonnaise, I’ve been told, that this is a Jewelry shop not a snack bar!! 👿 I think I’ve got a déjà vu? 😆

Mah, sorry for the lack of pictures, but probably I was too tired, too xP
Thanks for having me over Julia 😉



  1. I am a big fan of AC:WW, I play a lot, but I have never seen a jewelry shop. How do you get it in Wild World?

    • Ahh sorry to confuse you Leaves, but this was just a joke, Matt used Action Replay that he could walk like a ghost over the town, so he was able to get into buildings, too. It was just funny to see his face through the windows of Nookingtons, that he looked like a shop assistance so we made it up that it’s a jewelry shop here xP.

  2. Umm, there is no jewelry shop. Matt and Miki were just fooling around. 😆

  3. oh ok
    im not that far in the game so i havn’t seen nookingtons before. im on nookway.

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