Posted by: Mayu | April 17, 2009

Morning visit to loveland

Sorrel invited me to come to her town today ^^

And I finally met Petal/Irina again, I didn’t have her newest FC yet that’s why I haven’t seen her for some weeks 😛 . Of course I readded her instantly back lol.

Hehe, just when Irina showed me her flying moves over the river, another visitor chimed the gates bells 😉

It’s Liv, hii! It’s great that we all can meet up at your last easter holiday-day ^^

😆 Sorrel fainted again after she has saved xP

Uwah, what happens here? Where are my glasses??

Ahhh there! Much better now 😉 (that bluriness happens when I forgot to set up the macro mode lol)
After this pic I had to work in my garden (in real life lol), but it was a great fun this morning ;). Thanks a lot!



  1. Mayu! Here, take my glasses, since you lost yours! 😆

    • Yay, that helps me a lot, thx xP lol

  2. hi Miki

    Machst du heute gar nicht auf?

    • Sorry Haku, we’re very busy at renovating our house and started to do this in the evening, and work keeps up busy also all Saturday… 😦
      I hope we can meet up soon Haku, I miss you 😉

  3. Hey mayu when can i visit???im new at acww….

    • Thanks for visiting my blog roni. I’ve to add you first with Miki and perhaps I’m going to open tomorrow around 8PM my time.

  4. immer noch kein fc x-P wollt nur auch ma sagen in meiner neuen stadt heiß ich jez ako nich wundern wenn du eine ako siehst wenn(hoffentlich!)treffen!

  5. Hiyyaaa miki
    just making sure you have mee (:


    i’ve still got you 😉

    and can i come to your town tonight .
    and gerogina(:

    thanks byeee


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