Posted by: Mayu | April 17, 2009

Look, a gar!

Later on I promised to meet up Kyle around 2PM, and Liv and me visited his town Ügäß.

Wow, black road pathes, easy but very effectful 🙂

Oh here we congratulated Kyle for his PTS, that he achieved in the last few days 🙂 . That’s great ^^

I like this pond with all the dandelions and jacobs ladders around it 😀

We went visiting the neighbours, but also

I’ve seen a big shadow in the lake of the river, so I took my rod out and tried to catch it…

With success!! Yaay, it’s a gar!! Wow! xD Well, it’s already June in Ügäß, so that’s why we’re able to catch one 😉

I showed it proudly to Kyle and Liv, hee hee :mrgreen:

Great afternoon, dear Kyle and Liv, hope to see you soon ^^



  1. miki u put live instead of liv XD

    • Sorry 😆

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