Posted by: Mayu | April 16, 2009

Pass out glitch??

Something weird happened this evening in Mitsukyo lol.

Liv and Sorrel visited me. Then came Julia and when I saved the game, suddenly this happened:

Sorrel fainted!! 😯 😯

She stood instantly up and walked away, but what’s this?? The rotating lights are still there! oO

What a strange glitch!! LOL I think it happened because of her AR sliding move before?

Let’s try it again!! :mrgreen: Saving…

Sorrel still normal…

but look! She fainted again 😆

And those lights are still there again hahaha xD.

We all tried to get or irritate the lights with our nets or we walked through them

… but no effect ! 😆 Well it disappeared as soon as we enter a house and went back, then I couldn’t see that again, so no worries 😉

I had a new service in my town:

“One pizza pls” – Sorrel:” Huh? Go to pizza palace, here’s the townhall!”
I couldn’t believe it, what a bad service! 😈

Here the service was even worse, she ranted to me:
“HERE’S A JEWELRY, NOT A SNACK BAR!” when I just asked for chips/fries with mayonnaise 👿 LOL

Julia! Sorry I neglected you in the last minutes, so here’s an extra close-up pic of you 😉 😛

Hehehe that was a funny and weird evening xD



  1. Lol! Did you let Sorrel use AR in your town? You obviously trust her lots! (I would^^).

    • People who can be trusted fully I don’t care much if they use AR or not. Well I think in the last year I’m getting more relaxed what concerns to that theme, because I see that not everything is doing bad on my town, but I left the town rules as it is, just to prevent that new visitors will use AR and to have better control over them what they do 😉

  2. Well I wouldn’t dream of seeding anyone and Miki knows that, so you know :]


  3. I know you wouldn’t Sorrel, you’re such a lovely friend^^
    Btw, you still haven’t given me your ACCF friend code (you said you would on my blog). It’s ok if you don’t want to wifi now though, just let me know 😉


  5. Oh! Sorry Thea I totally forgot 😥

    p.s. I’ll get it soon 😉

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