Posted by: Mayu | April 15, 2009

Flying Sorrel, lively Liv and lovely Louise ;)

Girl’s evening again ;), this time I had fun in Liv’s town ‘my home’:

Louise was also there, hii!

Oh, what nice news, Liv’s very strange Lucy (the one with the house next to/in the gates) is finally moving, yaay! 😀 I hope everything is gone when she moved, and not still a sign left…

Sorrel had a lot of fun trying out her new sliding cheat of the AR lol.
It was quite hard to get a pic of her, as she moved such rapidly over the town xP

Ahh, she’s standing, no – flying 😆 still. Hehehe!

Here she tried to get rid of the cheated stones there by putting a pitfall seed infront of it and while she was jumping out…

…she hoped that she’ll land on the stone and it’s gone. But that didn’t work xP (what a serious face you got here Sorrel :mrgreen: )

Liv was quite amused about it lol.

Later on I didn’t have time anymore to play with you, so a last group pic of us. Sorry that I couldn’t come back when I finished taking a bath, but it was also quite late ;). Nevertheless, I had fun, thanks bff’s 😀



  1. nooooooooo
    a sign left
    ill hve 2 gt a hacker to remove it xp

    • Argh that was to be expected, but I hoped it wouldn’t be there xP

  2. hello are cool title ty for calling me lovely!

  3. tht 1 was from me! ^

  4. this is such a cute little diary!
    i stumbled upon your site while i was looking
    for information on the acorn festival and i ended
    up reading everything on your page! lol

    take care! :3

    • Wow, thanks a lot cadee, I’m happy you like it ^^

  5. I stumbled across your blog in the same way as Cadee lol

    • haha lol, lucky me xD

  6. i was searching 4 my friends names and 1 was called chloe but one of ur friends on acww was ill and called chloe and u did a post about it ever since ive went on ur blog xp

    • how complicated lol

    • Liv, that was me! My second character was called Chloe, and as I was playing with her, Mayu named the post ‘Take care Chloe!’ 🙂
      I had gastroentiritus – I think that’s how you spell it 😛

  7. I found your blog in the same way as Sorrel and Cadee! xD Except I was looking for information on AC:WW.

    • Hehehe, thanks for telling me how you all found my blog xD. It’s very interesting ^^

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