Posted by: Mayu | April 14, 2009

Yay, meeting up Georgiie, Julia, Nellyy and Matt ^^

Another funny afternoon today ^^. This time I invited Georgiie and Matt to come:

Georgiie was the first one, hii, sooo nice to see you again 😀

But soon my town was full again, lol. From left to right it was: Georgiie, me, Julia and Matt, welcome!

Well Julia had to leave soon so instead of her, Georgiie’s sister Nellyy came for a visit.^^

Our last meeting was in January and December, so quite a while ;). Hey naughty Matt, are you netfighting again? xD

Matt told me that Mitsukyo is still perfect. I couldn’t believe it and I had to check it too. Yes, Phyllis says that Mitsukyo is sheer lunacy, that was a big surprise, because my town is full of furniture items everywhere 😯 .

I gave Nellyy some patterns she asked for and then we all strolled over the town.

Here Matt and I were visiting Hugh who already packed his stuff again, arrrgh! Don’t you dare to move, I still haven’t got your pic!

Well, Matt helped him unpacking his stuff and started to cut the boxes open 😆

How behaved, nice people we are… ^^

Well, that’s just an illusion, in real we’re quite lively and brutal :mrgreen:

I was jealous about Georgiie’s flounder…

but nerni-nerni-ner-ner, I got one too!! 😛

We also tried to catch fish with our big net, but no chance xP!



  1. sounds fun xp

  2. Ahhahahah, moving image 😛

    • Yes xD, otherwise it could be hardly seen what you’ve done lol

  3. My un packing skills are vital! you need hughs pic!
    ad are you on acww? if you ae can you go in the chat room its easier than talking on here.

  4. I love all the pictures you took 😀
    Especially the moving one of Matt

    • Thanks a lot Georgiie ^^

  5. The moving image looks like Matt’s punching you!

    • LOL, yes, when you mentioned it, it really looks like that too xP

  6. Wow the golden net looks really big! I’ve got about 8 or 9 bugs left to catch before I can get one 😀 Unfortuantlly I still need to catch th dung beetle so I’ll have to wait till it snows 😦 Oh well
    Bye bye

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