Posted by: Mayu | April 14, 2009

Missed: Hybrids!

When I strolled this evening over my town together with Meow, I realised…
that a lot of my hybrids are missing… 😦 😥 😦

I mean, whoever it was (I don’t want to blame someone), is it too much demanded, that you please don’t run in there, and be careful to my flowers and is it too rude of me, to ask you NOT to steal flowers??

And I know all places of my flowers, they didn’t changed in the last two years and as I’m watering them every day I know of course all hybrid places in my town. I think some people aren’t aware, that I notice all missing flowers here, it’s too obvious but of course I don’t check all the time while my guests are here, so mostly I see the empty places when I’m strolling around my town.

This time was really bad with missing hybrids that I decided to make a post about it 😦 😦

I’ll show you what I’ve lost:

Two blue pansies…

One pink tulip…

Two pink tulips on the other side of the river…

One black and one violet rose…

Perhaps some of you don’t know, but I’ve created an spare hybrid area especially for you, they’re free to take, but those weren’t taken in this case… 😕

But here’s also one dandelion missing…

I was really sad about this today… 😦
Please everyone, read my town rules on “My ACWW stats”, most of my friends are reliable and I can trust them, but still some of you might not understand how much work it is to breed them and it’s just rude to take them away.



  1. 😦 i wonder who did that 😦

  2. Oh 😥 wer war denn letzte nacht bei dir? oder wer dich noch besucht hat. Ich könnte dirja welche cheaten, wenn du willst 🙂 sagt mir nur bescheid 🙂

  3. I’m so sorry Mayu that that happened 😦 I hope you find the culprit 😦

  4. I hope you find who’s done this. I will help ty and find who it is 😦

    Thief, if you’re reading this, STEALING ISN’T NICE! ITS EVIL!


  5. ohh i hope you find who did this maybe some wifi newbies used their pen and ran over them
    btw i will help u find who did this

    liv xx

  6. The only bad thing about ACWW is that once they’re gone, you can’t find out who did it! You just have to hope they feel guilty and own up! 😦 So let’s hope they do, because that’s such a mean thing to do! 👿

    If it helps, I’ve got 3 spare dandelion puffs, and you can have one if you want. 🙂 Unfortunately, I haven’t got any hybrids that match the description of those missing. 😦

  7. All I know, is that I’ve seen some emty spaces in your town before, where I once saw hybrids. I just thought that you might have not watered them when they were wilting. I had no idea that someone was stealing!

    I probobly shouldn’t say anything about this because then you guys will expect me. But, I want to grow my own hybrids this time around. I don’t want to have to take hybrids from others unless they are free to take. I really don’t want another Midnight incident with all of those cheated flowers.

    I hope it’s not someone that you see really often. I guess they would have to be, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to take all of those flowers. Wait, did you notice the flowers were gone one day after you watered them. If so, then it had to be someone that you’ve WiFied with recently.

  8. Well, I don’t think we should accuse people. It might make people sad or angry if they didn’t do it. :S What we have to do is hope for the person who did it to own up.

    Whoever did it, we’re not going to be mad at you, we all learn from our mistakes. 😦

  9. Thank you all for your kind words and help offer, but I think I’ll get them soon back by waiting for new breeds ;).

    Alfonso said it right, I didn’t wrote this post to accuse someone special, I just want to show, that I notice every missing flower and I hope that this person will think about his/her action and just stop it. I don’t expect any apology, just a little respect next time.

    And Kyle, this happened just only yesterday, the missing flowers you saw were some (stolen? overrun?) flowers I had before, but that were only two or three, in my opinion it could have been just an accident, but yesterday there were too many hybrids gone that made me want to write a post about it 😉 .

  10. I could replace them with my own flowers from my town? I have hybrids that werent AR’d. Btw who ever’ done this obviously cant grow there own flowersand has to steal!

    • Thanks a lot Matt, but it’s ok ^^. I don’t care if flowers are cheated or not (once in ground, they are same to me lol) but I’ll try to get them back just by breeding it on my own ;).
      And don’t forget, my son is a cheater too and would help me instantly if I ask him ^^

  11. Ok, Lol ”My son is a cheater” That made me laugh 😛

  12. Mayu, i have a question, why you dont play animal crossing on wii ?

    • I don’t have a Wii, Youssef lol. And besides that just to play ACCF the Wii is quite expensive (and our only TV would be occupied in the evenings) 😛

  13. Maybe she doesnt have it? xP


    • Sounds like Sherlock Matt, lol. Thanks for telling me Matt, but I don’t care who it was, I just hope the person won’t do it next time again ;). So no need to find the culprit 😉

  15. I think it’s really sad they should go missing, your so nice so I can’t understand that -if- they were stolen why someone would do that 😦
    I hope you find them or grow them back soon

    • Yeah, sure Georgiie, thanks for your words, I’ll get them soon back, today two pink hybrids grew again in my town, so the loss isn’t that bad… it’s just that I wanted to show everyone, that I’m not tolerating this, even if they are overrun by accident, can’t people say just a word to me what had happened? I’m the last one who gets angry about it if people tell me the truth, I know that it’s quite easy to destroy them. And I also don’t want to find the culprit with this post, what happened has happened, but I hope that visitors are more careful next time when they visit me 😉

  16. P.S. Is a dandelion a hybrid? If so I actually never knew? lol

    • Of course not xP, but I just wanted to mention, that this is missing, too 😉 But I heard yesterday, that it was an accident with the dandelion, so that’s ok now 😉

  17. oh, thats SO sad! You can have some gold roses. Ive got some extras.

    P.S. GESS WAT! MY AR WORKS NOW!! WOO! Except, my freind is borrowing it.

    • Thanks for your offer Jesse 😉 . But no need to hurry, they’ll grew back some time in my town 😉

  18. How sad 😥 I’m sorry this happened, especially as on a few posts before you said you could trust all of Miki’s friends to be alone in your town…
    I hope you grow all your hybrids back 😀

    • Thank you Thea 😉

  19. WOW! You know all places of your flowers.
    I’m sorry for this happened. You have said that you give us flowers if we ask. But some people althought steal your flowers :(.
    But I hope you grow your beautiful flowers back :D.

    P.S.: I hope you understand me. I’m 13, and I’m from Germany, and my english is not so good. Can you speak German? Maybe thats better for talking, but if not, I hope my english is good enought 😀

    • Hi Larissa, thanks for your comment ^^. Yes I’m German and also speak German, so don’t hesitate to write in German if you feel better 😉

  20. ohh thats is sad… i thought the same thing was going on in my town but it turned out i just forgot to water them and that was sad too 🙂 at least my 16 strong red turnip pacth is still going good the only probelm is i forgot when i planted them and i dont know when i sould pull them up i guess i could just give it to people who ask me if they want it and sorry if i sound rode but are u opening tomorrow?

    • wow 16 red turnips!! 😮 Amazing! lol
      I’ll open this evening I think Hazel, sorry that I couldn’t open yesterday, as we were too busy on repairing an old window of our house lol. 10PM we were finished finally… 😈

  21. Mayu?
    I have a question…
    I just have 10 flowers or 20 I don’t know, and I need so much time to give water to them, and they although going to be brown 😦

    • Um I just water the withered ones, not the normal :o, that would be too much of work!!! Are you watering every single flower??

  22. I water all flowers….
    I don’t like it if the flowers are withered. And if they are withered I sometimes run through them and baam they are gone :0.

    Do hybrids grow if the 2 normal flowers are brown?
    Must I water the…ähm…Pusteblumen? xD

    • Does watering all flowers really prevent them from withering? I never tried that out, because I was always that lazy and only watered the brown flowers lol.
      And about your question, hmmm… I still don’t know exactly, but I would say no, I never saw a new hybrid next to two withered parent flowers… but I’m not sure about it.

      And no, you don’t have to water the dandelions 😉 , actually they aren’t flowers in ACWW but weeds lol. (that may be also the reason why they don’t wither at all)

  23. mayu who took your hybrids

    • I don’t know cody, and it has been a long time ago now, so forget and forgiven 😉

  24. oh, miki! 😦 .. that was bad! who can steal from you? I remember that you gave hybrids to us yesterday! im so so so sad about this! miki, is the BEST wifi player ever, and the kindest!! I can’t beleive how rude people is! arghh .. just wait – next time i come, you will get moooore then you have!

    • haha you’re very kind Cindy but I don’t need them anymore, thanks anyway 😉
      I just had to show the problem once on my blog, there were too many flowers stolen that time 😛

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