Posted by: Mayu | April 13, 2009

Samson won flower fest

Muaaah, I lost again the flower fest xD. Well I think I deserve it, because I didn’t care at all the whole week LOL.

Samson was the lucky one 🙂

Well my house didn’t change from last year, just some flowers less than it has been in 2008

And what’s really incredible is, that the same place won again this year!!

That’s Samsons house.
Last year (you can also look at this post: HERE) Caspar won flower fest with the same house spot and flowers, so I think Tortimer really likes normal flowers more than hybrids?

That’s the winner of last year: Caspar!

Next year, I’ll change those flowers on this spot!! 😈



  1. lol

    I won *mrgreen*

  2. I lost to Sally! Aargh! Oh well, I still like her. I thought for sure I would have won, though.

  3. I think you mean you lost to Drift, not Caspar^^ (Unless you meant to write the German 😉 )

    • Argh, thanks Thea, yes, Caspar is the German name 😛

  4. I won the flower contest this year 😛 Yey me!

    • Well done Jasmin ^^

  5. What flowers did you put around your house Jasmin? It’s a shame they don’t have a flower fest in ACCF *sigh*

  6. Thank yo Miki.
    To Thea: I only put normal flowers around my house not hybrids. I also ran over some of my neighbours flowers because I really really wanted the trophy. Now I’ve got the bug, fish and flower trophy.

  7. Yaaay! Congratulations Jasmin!

  8. Mayu, I think your path is preventing you to win… I removed the path surrounding my house during the flower fest and I won! =) 🙂

    • P!nk, you’re probably right, but I don’t have any intent to win it anyway, I already got a flower trophy, so no need to change my path 😉
      But I assume the same like you, that perhaps my path is preventing me from winning, or Tortimer just don’t like hybrids 😛

  9. how to win take everyone elses flowers so they hav none and u have tons hey that rimes

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