Posted by: Mayu | April 9, 2009

Arrgh I knew that would happen…

… that Nook offers me a better turnip price at noon in my own town!! 😈

487 bells! Sigh… well I still earned a lot of bells before lol 😆

But I had to open almost all afternoon and evening to let my friends sell their turnips. Most of them are my German friends, that’s why I opened gates with Mayu. Btw, please all friends from this blog, can you tell me if you’re a turnip trader? Next time I’ve got such a nice price again, I would like to add you with Mayu too that you’ve got the same chance to sell them. Just leave a comment here and I’ll make a list of all turnip traders 😉

I didn’t have to wait long and my first visitor came to Mitsukyo, it’s Pia 😀

But she wasn’t a turnip trader, she just saw my gates open ;). The real turnip trader is at the very left… :mrgreen:

Can you guess who it is? Hehehe 😛

On the run back to her home to fetch more…

I’ve seen her several times leaving and coming back to my home :mrgreen:

Oh while I was waiting I visited my new neighbour, it’s Poncho. Here he gets a shirt from me 😉

Last visit of my running girl, I waited for her in front of Nookingtons.

Tadaaaa!! It’s my old friend Bibi from DinTown!!! 😀 She’s got holidays this week so I was glad to see her again ^^ ♥

More in the evening my new friend Bibiii (from Hundheim) dropped by to sell her turnips, too 😉

Cheeeeeese! 😀

I had several other visitors too but most of the time I was afk and couldn’t take some pics of that.
Sorry to those who were waiting that I would open my gates with Miki, but I’ve to think also to all turnip traders, because I use their offer to come when their Nook offers a good price that often too 😉

Turnip traders:
Haku, Alfonso, Dylan, Kinsei, Sorrel



  1. Well, I’m going to start turnip trading this Sunday, so if you could add me with Mayu that would be great. 🙂

    • Ok Alfonso, I’ll add you when turnip price is high ^^

  2. i like to sell turnips even though i dont realy need to but i still do it.

    • Ok Dylan, you too 😉

  3. Hihi, noch ne Bibi 😆

  4. Hey Mayu will you be open tomorow, im getting really far with my town now, it looks really nice, cant wait untill you can visit! :mrgreen:

    • Tomorrow I can only play in the evening, because we’re off to my mother-in-law for easter 😉

  5. ok 🙂 i cantplay anyway cso im round my dads

  6. im looking for a new look I have spikey yellow hair with a yellow cap and a flame shirt with 3-D Glasses but it seems like the top isnt quite as good as it should be, it feels like i need a better top

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