Posted by: Mayu | April 9, 2009

Another good price in Maerbel

It seems Murmel is much luckier in good turnip prices than me lol. She announced on the German Freaks board that Nook is offering her 327 bells for the turnips, wooooot!! 😀
Of course I packed all my turnips and went several times to her town 😉

Not bad Nook, not bad!! :mrgreen:

Murmel was afk again, it’s really kind of her to keep her gates open although she’s busy with other things 😉

After my turnip rush I always clean up her town as reward xD. I love it, it’s fun in ACWW to deweed towns, but not in real life!!!! 😆

Wow, such a lot of golden roses along the river, that’s great! 😀

Hahaha, that must be some cheated trees, normally you can’t plant them that close together, they would wilt the next day 😉

Ohhh what’s that?? 😯 In the very left upper corner I found another Nook’s shop! Hahaha the left side is included in the stone wall, that’s funny xD

And Tom Nook #2 is offering me of course the same turnip price 😛
Actually I like the first Tom Nook most with his apron (but that I’ve told you several times on my blog xP haha)

Thanks a lot dear Murmel, you’re the best!! 😀



  1. Perhaps she has two Nook’s so 3 people can sell turnips at once 😀 Quite a clever idea^^

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