Posted by: Mayu | April 8, 2009

Norbie’s awesome shop

In the morning I found time to play with you again and I invited Sorrel to come to my town to fetch the ordered items (well… regal furniture like I said before was actually wrong…I’ve had to order the cabin furniture 🙄 😛 )

Haha you look very lively on this pic ^^

She loved my dekkoids xD. I’ve to look for the last one, the mini dekkoid, somewhere in my cupboard of Haru it must be lying there.

Norbie also took the chance to come over, hi 😉

And Haku aka Nico aka Alex aka Puma aka Tina aka…, ok ok, it’s enough lol was soon also there, yay full town again ^^

After Haku touched almost all items we decided to go to Norbie’s town Hawaii, he wanted to show us his new arranged shop in his house 🙂

Aww how lovely, look at all those hats! 😮

Haha on the other side there were those animal shirts xD, yes it’s really pretty ^^

But I wanted to buy the light blue cap,that would fit perfectly to my shirt ^^ But Norbie was so kind to give me that as a present, thanks a lot Norbie, you’re really nice 😀

The sales assistant is creepy 😯 , you have to think of a better clerk, Norbie 😆

Sorrel and me were waiting outside, while Haku is looking for an item in the shop 🙂

Just changing his shirt into…

… the frog shirt xD, yay! Thanks for the fun!!!



  1. Noni could visit her and buy the bunney shirt so he would match 😆

    • oh, never mind, he already has one!

  2. um…. could visit her? im a boy!!!! lol (!weirdo!)

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