Posted by: Mayu | April 8, 2009

My new friends Matt and Kinsei

I’ve promised on my blog to open in the afternoon again to meet up a new friend called Matt from town T-BONE, but also in the chat room another new visitor was there, she’s Kinsei from Laputa, so I invited her to come too ^^

That’s Matt, a very nice and energetic person at first sight ^^

And Kinsei with the crown is also a very kind and cute girl, both knew the town rules very well 😀

Haha everyone was playing with the slingshot here xD

And Kinsei and I visited Olivia, who just packed her stuff!! I have to persuade her later to stay in Mitsukyo, I haven’t got her pic yet! 😈

Later on we all went to T-Bone, the town of Matt ^^

Woooow! Such awesome path patterns! 😮 I had the feeling that we were walking on the red carpet :mrgreen:

Along the carpet he put golden and red roses, such beautiful!

Hehe nice townhall entrance xD. I realised that it would be our last day where we can see the cherry blossom trees, even those pink moneytrees are so pretty 🙂

I had to leave soon as Sorrel also wanted to come, hope to see you all again ^^



  1. LOL mugshot, (were your describing Kinsei) I got a bottle mail from her saying that she has school and she’s afraid that someone loves someone else and not here, (I think) I didnt quite get all of it :S

  2. Her* Not here sorry.

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