Posted by: Mayu | April 8, 2009

Awww, thanks a lot Thea!

Ohhhh I got such a nice present today from Thea, a lovely poem dedicated to… me!! 😳

😮 😯 😳 😥 😀 🙂 <- I don’t know how to express my feelings, I’m so flattered, so thankful, you’re the best Thea!! ♥

THANKS SOOOO MUCH!! (I can’t express it well in English, sorry lol)

Btw… Thea got a new blog about her adventures on ACCF, you have to check it out, it’s awesome: My Animal Crossing Photo Diary



  1. It’s ok, I understand – I wouldn’t know how to express emotions in German ummmmm… No, can’t say thank you so much in German^^

    Lol, well I hope you like it – my next challenge is to right a poem in German xD

  2. Oh, wie schöön! 😮
    Ich habs nicht ganz verstanden, aber trotzdem ist es echt schön!!! Ach AC für WII ist wieder eine Welt für sich…

  3. Danke Bibiii! Ich bin sicher, dass Sie mit dem Gedicht einverstanden sind!

    Sorry if that sentence wan’t clear Bibiii, I used the translator^^

  4. Well, you definitely deserve such an amazing poem, Mayu. 🙂

  5. Alfonso said it.

  6. Aw. That’s very sweet. :3 You deserve it, Yuki. ^^

  7. thats so cool! Also, for a prize, i got 2-3 more!!
    royal crown ( the one like a kings crown)
    Throne ( They are so cool!)

    maby: is there a rainbow paint bucket? Also, are paint buckets the ones that color the rooves, because a rainbow roof would be cool!

    • ok Jesse, I’ll notice it ^^.
      rainbow bucket is not available I’m afraid… and with those items you can’t paint your roof either, you still have to ask Nook for that 🙂

  8. Thank you all, you’re all sooooo kind!! ♥

    • Well what I think is that you’ve been s kind to all of us, so this is our chance to be kind right back at you! :mrgreen:

      P.S. Of course you have to give thea the credit for writing the poem, and again, you definately deserved it 😉

  9. awwwwwwwww
    cool poem

  10. All I could possibly say has been said here already, especially alfies 😉

  11. That’s very sweet of you Thea 😉

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