Posted by: Mayu | April 6, 2009

Strolling around Nintown

I also met Dylan in the afternoon :D, yay it’s so much fun to play with him, too ^^

This time I saw his gates open, so I dropped by. His town is a pure hybrid breeding place, everywhere the flowers are arranged perfectly to breed hybrids ^^

Wow, awesome pool in front of the townhall. Tortimer must love it to swim every morning to his office xD

Ahh found you, King Dylan ^^. You’re really handsome on this pic 😀

He also got a metroid in his house 8) Cool!

And what nice painting room! 😮 He also showed me the weird end of the K.K. Lullaby song, I also never heard it before, sounded like some scratches on the LP or something….

Wow, the townhall modell 😯 That’s great! Haha I also realised that the town models must also differ from American/European version, look at my pic, it’s said “MegaNook”, the German name of “Nook’n Go” (I think it was that name?), so the language mode is also considered for these models.

It wasn’t a long visit, but it was very nice. Hope to see you soon again, Dylan ^^



  1. yay!:D ur wearing the shirt i gave u lol 😛

  2. I just got one of his townies! I think it was filbert[???], at first, I was like, What! I recognize that name!”, but I couldn’t remember the chara’s name 😦
    At least now I know it 😉

    • Haha so I brought Filbert to you xD

      • yh i guess so 🙂

  3. o0 Is that my Rainbow Bird? Thanks for displaying it!

  4. Awwwwww, it deserves a humble home like that!

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