Posted by: Mayu | April 5, 2009

Cell, Tina and Pia

As I couldn’t get on my PC to see if someone is going to open from Miki’s friends I decided to try my luck to meet some of Mayu’s friends 😉
I waited about 30 min and just when I wanted to close my gates again, Tina from Kokiri popped in, lol:

Hiiii, it’s so nice to meet you again ^^. We decided to go to her town because she’s been waiting for other people too 😉

And there I met Cell, one of my eldest ACWW friends (I thought he didn’t play ACWW anymore, that was a big surprise! 😀 ) and Pia from Tropica, also a very nice girl 😀

Tina had some lovely heart-shaped rosebed there, how pretty ^^

from left to right: Pia, Cell and Tina, who has got a dandelion in her hand 😉

Such a lovely self designed dress Pia 😮

And Cell experienced for the first time the intoxicating effect of chewing a white rose 😆 xD

Haha, that was a funny evening with lots of surprises ^^. See you again 🙂


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