Posted by: Mayu | April 4, 2009

Timer at K.K’s concert?

Some weeks ago Alfie asked me on my blog:
“Hey Mayu, you know if you talk to Brewster while K.K. is in the Roost, he says:

“Please be sure to turn off your timer before the show…”?
Well, what happens if you have your timer on and it goes off in the middle of the show? 😛 I’ve never actually tried it, have you?”

That was a very nice question I haven’t tried out ever before. But when Dylan also said to me that the timer works during the show I had to try it too:

Hehehe the timer started already, but I waited another minute to be sure that it rings during the song… :mrgreen:

😯 Huh? He’s saying “My axe is ready, please take a seat!” His AXE?? ❓
Is he always saying it? lol It has been a long time when I heard K.K.’s concert 😉

Well, I didn’t order a special song but let him choose, so he began to sing K.K. Soul… then timer went down to 0… BEEEEEEEEP! Unfortunately I didn’t have a pic just when the timer stopped, but you could hear clear and loud the end of the timer while K.K. was still playing xD 😆

Sooo, would he react angry when I talk after the show to him?

‘Today the music was hot, wasn’t it?’ hmmm, how disappointing, nothing special happened… 😦

Well at least it was a good try, thanks Alfie and Dylan for your nice question/help 😀



  1. Yes, he always says ‘I’ve got my axe ready, so cop a seat’ weird…

    • Hahaha, really weird lol. I wonder whether he’s saying the same in Japanese? Perhaps it’s just a translation error? xP

  2. Hmm maybe if u talk to Brester some thing will happen? he is the one that said please make sure to turn off your timer during the show so he met be mad for not listening to him. but it is just a suggestion. 🙂

    • Oh I forgot to mention about it. I also talked to Brewster after that, but as usual he just sold me a coffee or did say his standard phrases… so really nothing special… 😛

  3. This probably should be a did you know : )

  4. Haha! Cool! 😀

  5. ohh well then

  6. I think that by axe he means guitar. but idk.

    • Yes, I’m sure about it too xD. But still weird to call it an axe xP

  7. josie hav u got wifi? can we play if u do cos im on it now just a random question lol

  8. I did that once! It didnt change anything though…

  9. add this to acww secrets mayU!!!

    • Umm is this really a secret? *thinks*

  10. Hehe i also tried that once. It would be awesome if Brewster freaked out or if K.K had to interrupt his song or something. huhu ^^

    • Herti-pi, when you see Larissa can you tell her to be at 3PM on Tammie’s chat, please? I hope we can get Bunnie back to Grüntal 🙂

  11. Sure I’ll tell her!
    And when Derwin is moving, WARN ME lol xD

    • hahaha, ummmm I think I might forget about it!!! :mrgreen:

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