Posted by: Mayu | April 4, 2009

Spring Contest Winners!!

Ok the contest is over and you’ve voted the three first winners of our spring contest:

The result of the poll is (click to see it enlarged):

In total we had 125 votes, thanks a lot to all who gave his/her choice to one pattern 😀 😀

THE 1st WINNER IS: Michela!! with her pattern:

Rainbow Bird

2nd WINNER IS: Savvanah
with her pattern:

Springs break

3rd WINNER IS: Jesse
with his pattern:

Jesse Agrias


And thanks to all who participated on this spring event, I hope you had the same great fun like me and your patterns were all very very awesome and great, the choice was really difficult in my opinion. But the result is fair and the winners deserve their prizes 😉

OK, Michela, Savvanah and Jesse please think about the items you want, give me a detailed list in this comment section please. Michela gets 15 free choosable items, Savvanah 10 and Jesse 6 items ^^. And Michela, I’ll ask Alex if he can bring you your prizes I bet he would be so nice to do that ;).
And just to remember – you can choose any items you want, even Mario items or paint cans or something like that, my son Noni promised me to help me to create such items with his AR 😉



  1. Congratulations! Teehee, I think you deserve those prizes Michela, Savvanah and Jesse^^
    Woohoo! Joint 6th, that’s quite good considering it’s my first self designed pattern 😀


  3. congrates michela ! it was a very good pattern

    • Thanks!

  4. Wow congrats Michela 😉

    U deserved it 🙂

    • Thank you!

  5. way to go michela it was an awsome pattern it was great for spring 🙂 im just glad that i entered my self i normally dont enter any contest at all!

    • Thank you again!

  6. Yay!!!
    First of all I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to whoever voted for me!!!
    Second I DO NOT break promises and my earlier comment:
    By: Michela on April 1, 2009
    at 8:20 pm
    If I do win I have decided to give everyone my or a prize.
    xxx 14 Rainbow Bird xxx”’

    I am still going to give everyone who competed a prize if it can be delivered by wifi.
    Please copy your name and insert the prize that you want and post the comment.
    Alex( aka Nico):
    Jesse: (NO PRIZE TOP 3)
    Lolli :
    Savvanah: (NO PRIZE TOP 3)
    Thea: (IF POSSIBLE)

    So that’s 13-2=11
    4 for myself-1 for my friend.
    So the four items for myself are:
    Music box, Teddy’s picture and Gracie shirt if possible and an upcoming present to be decided soon when I can talk to her.

    As for delivery maybe for some people you (mayu) and give them what they want if you visit them? I’m sure we’ll think of something.

    • Ohh that’s a good way to give all an item Michela, you’re really clever 🙂 (and so generous, wow)
      The music box, Teddy’s picture and Gracie shirt won’t be a problem, I can get it for you, just tell me the last item next time. And yes, I can give the other items to those who are visiting me or I visit them, that won’t be a problem either ^^

      • Thx. I still need to find out the fourth one.

  7. But 125???? I know I told about 10/15 people to check it out but still 125????? And 33 of those were votes for me? Thats.
    Maths homework lol

    13% voted for Jesse

    25% voted for me

    17% voted for Savvanah

    There were lots of decimals and rounding in my calculations.

    • hahaha when you look at the result table, the percentage is given at the very right 😉 😛

      • Oh yh. I’m so unobservent lol. Well they got it wrong I think lol. They rounded up when u were supposed to round down lol.

    • Hi Michela i was wondering can i add you?

      • Yes. But my wifi only works at hotspots so we would only meet once every 2 weeks or even 1 month…

  8. hi michela i would like to know if u have a metroid that i could have?

    • I have one but I really want to keep it. Sorry.

      • its ok i was just wondering anyway no hard feelings. 🙂

    • Hazel, this is michela’s good friend
      i think i have a spare metroid in my closet..
      you can have it if you like
      i’ll give it to michela soon
      Savvanah :mrgreen:

      • Oh no no its fine my brother got a ar and we have a metriod all ready but thanks thoug. 🙂

  9. Michela Nico restarted his town so there is no more alex. 😦

    • Aww 😦

  10. Michela, even though I’m grateful for your offer, as you know I only play ACCF, and therefore think that you shouldn’t give me a prize, as I knew even if I came 1st I wouldn’t get a prize. Thank you, but you deserve your prizes. If you really can’t think of anything else you’d like, I’ll choose for you (if you want). Btw, I’ve breeded you a pink rose on ACCF to say congratulations, when can you come and pick it up (Asides from today 😉 )

    • Thx! Your really nice Thea!

  11. yay

  12. Dear everyone
    well done michela,
    your pattern was awesome! :mrgreen:
    and Jesse too 😉
    well…i can’t have 10 items all to myself so..
    im going to have a bring and buy sale
    that way if people want a item i have and don’t want they can have it and vise vereser

    i will let u know of the items i want but 1 item i want is a crown plz 😀
    umm….could u come 2 goa soon so i can tell u there
    leave me a comment if you can! :mrgreen:

    lol Savvanah

    • Hi Savvanah,
      when do you have time? It would be best over the day for me, so perhaps tomorrow morning around 10AM your time?

  13. Hi, umm…the person above is me just on a different computer
    sorry about that

  14. ok… im thinkin! im wonderin, is there an ar code for a Mario lamp?? I want one for my Mario room! Or even a bowzer lame. That would be SWEET! That could a prize for me! 🙂

  15. lamp. Bowzer lamp. Spelling error

  16. ok, Pikmin is pretty cool. Also, I dont have a brick Block! ok, 2 out of 6! 4 more! Still thinkin!

    • Ok Jesse, think! think! think! :mrgreen:

  17. aww could i have a pikmin.

    • Hazel, Michela was so kind to let all participants choose one item. I’ll get you the pikmin ^^

      • I know the metriod was just a sugestion of my prize and she only had one so i let her keep it but thanks though

  18. Congrats Kayla, Savv and Jesse 😀
    You deserved it 😉


  19. GOT IT!!!
    the four items I want are:
    Music Box
    Teddy’s picture (he left)
    Gracie’s Shirt
    The royal crown (small one) (for my friend)

    The other 11 are for people who participated and didn’t win a prize.

    • Ok Michela, I’ll get these things soon. Just tell me when you got time for me 😀

  20. And by the way Mayu I never got to give you your birthday present lol. When I go to the hotspot next i’ll tell you.

  21. opps :opps: i forgot to change the name on the computer Dylan was the last 1 to use it sorry. 🙂

  22. Well, from my iten of Kayla’s, I will have… Nothing! So you have 5 items now Kayla 😉


    • Aww thx sorrel! But I seriously don’t want it so in that case it’s 1 to savvanah or Jesse. Who ever says ME first gets the extra item lol.

  23. oh oh miki i could help u with mario items or paint can too if you want. 🙂

    • haha thank you Dylan, it’s not that I wouldn’t accept it but in my opinion to ask my son is just easier and quicker for me lol. But thanks for your offer 😉

  24. Ok Michela, I got all your prices now: music box, teddy’s pic, Gracies shirt and royal crown. Nico, would you be so nice and bring that stuff to her next time? I think it’s easier to do this on that way than waiting for the next time you go to the cafe 😉

    to Jesse: I also got four things for you right now: throne, royal crown, Pikmin and Brick block.
    Have you thought about the 2 other things?

    to Savvanah: The crown is lying here for you, but can you also say the other 9 things on this blog? Then I can bring your prizes all in one turn. When do you normally play over Wifi? I haven’t seen your gates for ages 😉

  25. hi miki do you want to come to my town im opening for some time

    • Argh sorry Dylan, I just wanted to start to prepare supper, I’m going to make Sushi and that takes always 2 hours lol

  26. ok thats cool i dont realy like sushi but my parents love it!

  27. I love sushi!!! Can I come round your house for tea? xD I’m having a barbeque though, so that’s not to bad^^

    • We’ve eaten all sushi, I’m sooooo sorry Thea xD. But BBQ sounds good as well, yummmyyy 😛

      • Awww, well I hope your family enjoyed it then (without me 😈 xD). I had a chicken burger with cheese, onion and tomato^^ and a cup of coke xD

  28. yh i love bbqs im still open for any one r u opening to night miki?

  29. huhu Miki

    r u reopening?

  30. yh she is

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