Posted by: Mayu | April 4, 2009

New friend: Bianca from Hundheim

Tonight I met my new friend Bianca in my town ^^

Hello and welcome! 😀

Wow, she brought me a pink cosmos as a present, thanks so much, you’re really kind ^^

I showed her my town and went shopping at Ables:

There she bought this hat and eye mask lol

We also visited her namesake “Bianca” (in German, Olivia in English) and look she also got the same shirt in her room LOL.

I love the spiky feathers of Queenie on the back of her head lol, cute xD

We also went fishing and both caught an octopus ^^

And here Bianca want to grill the horse mackerel on my BBQ :mrgreen:

I had a lot of fun, hope to see you soon again, Bianca 😀



  1. ohh so thats who queeni is

  2. 🙄 aww before i forget miki your peguins name in english is qwen 🙂

    • ahh ok thank you Hazel 🙂

  3. Mayu how come you closed the party, will you be opening your town gate some time today if not tomorow?

    • Huh Matt? We all decided to go to Liv’s town after that lol. Sorry, I thought that was clear as we also asked several times, if it’s ok to go there ;). Btw, do you know that you can add people during Wifi play? Liv added you and I thought you did the same so you should have been able to see her gates when looking for open gates. Just press the heart symbol of your inventory during gameplay, then “register” and then the name you want to add. This person’s FC and town name will automatically be stored in your roster then 😉

      • Yup, I found that out I think I registered mostly everyone, I think I registered Liv………Hmmm…..Let me look,And I think i was AFK after you took the photo so i came back with a screen saying the party is over 😦 didnt see you say you were going, im hoping you ill be on it today, last time was fun, I beat Haku at a fishing and bug contest he got something like 8 bugs 7 fish I got 15 fish 12 bugs muhahahahah! 😀

      • Oh! We also kept breaking loads of axes and we all broke them at the same time it was really funny!

  4. Weres the one of us with the Clownfish? 😀

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