Posted by: Mayu | April 4, 2009

Fun with Dylan, Nico and Liv

Well actually we wanted to visit Louise, but as she got a new DSi that evening, she was busy to get her DSi connected to Wifi again and therefore she also has got a new FC.
Alex aka Nico also had to get a new friendcode, because his ACWW game crashed another time… 😦
(The new FC’s I put in the “Your FC’s” section)

So I opened later on and soon Dylan and Nico came for a visit, hi guys! 😀

Nico took the chance to touch all items again 😉

And Liv was also there, sorry I didn’t take much photos this evening 😳

When I visited Rasher in Liv’s town I found a fan of my patterns there lol. He said:”I’m… kinda a fan of your designs. Your shirts are really great!”
Awww that’s why I like Rasher, always sooo kind 😀

Later on ArRoN visited Liv and left many golden roses there, but sadly Wifi crashed soon after that, I don’t know if Liv have saved before? I hope so 😉



  1. Ah, yes the new DSi xD I recieved a letter from Nintendo today, and it had a present attached. It was a ‘Nintendo DSi’ but actually was like a sofa, and you could sit on it^^

    What shirt are you wearing Miki, is it a Kiwi shirt? It doesn’t look like it, but I can’t think of any other green shirt… Or is it self designed?

    • The shirt is called “fresh shirt” ^^ You can buy it at Ables 😉

  2. I got an actual e-mail from nintendo, Ill check my ac mail to.

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