Posted by: Mayu | April 3, 2009

Cherry blossom time again

Yay it’s April and our normal trees turned into pink cherry blossom trees,awesome! 😀
In the evening I opened my gates again and luckily Liv brought the lost kitten back to her mother in my town 😉

Haha Liv, that’s the second time in row that we have to reunite them 😛

Bunny Louise and Alex came also for a visit, hii! 😀

Ohh I almost forgot HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, dear Liv!!! I hope you had a great birthday on Wednesday ^^

Louise was touching my new event, I spread some complete furniture series over the town and I think I’ll change those items every weak, so check them out 😉

We all together, wow Alex, it’s the first time I see you with spiky hair 😮 lol.

Awww such nice cherry blossom trees, don’t you think so too? We’re now in Liv’s town “my home” 😉

Alex and me in front of Liv’s house, we chit-chatted a while ^^

Louise found this strange tree, she never saw a tree that is so close to the river so she thought it might be a hacked tree, but Liv told us she planted it just normally 😉

We found such a lot of cracks in her town that we put all items in front of the museum. But we had to get rid of them soon because Phyllis told us that there are too many things lying around lol. When we sold them all her town was back to PTS again 😀

Thanks for the fun, dear friends ^^



  1. Hi miki all of my normal trees are not cheery blossoms i wonder why?

  2. Hi Dylan

    Is Louise open now?

  3. im cheeking… no shes not open yet

  4. ok tell me if she’s open and I’ve alreday added her 😉

  5. ok

  6. hi miki is me and hazel still in your roseter?

  7. Yes, those trees are cool that are that close^^
    In ACCF, I made a snowman right next to the river, but when I went in and out of a building, it had been moved back 😯 It was quite noticeable too^^

    • It has been moved back?? 😮 Mine were always disappearing when I put them too close to a building or something else 😆

  8. Thats why the trees are pink!!!

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