Posted by: Mayu | March 30, 2009

Fancy dress evening at Liv’s town

Liv invited us for a fancy dress show in ‘my home’ ^^
But first I took the chance to bring back the lost kitten to the mum in her town 😛

Every week you got lost Katie!! *sigh*

Mom, take good care of her!!

Yaay, we both very stylish today 😉 . Aren’t we pretty? 😀

Alex dropped by but he didn’t know of our fancy dress day, so he went to Ables and bought some stuff

Haha, now we’re all really fancy 8)

Yay, Liv got her metroid finally xD. Sorrel was so kind to give her one, Liv is really happy now 😀

Aww, cute doggie, come’on cutie-boy, come out! 😀

😯 UHHH, better not! 😆 What frightening eyes xP

Then we all went to my town to have fun 😉



  1. Hm. I was wondering how I was lcoked out of the party I prepared 😦


    • Pardon? You weren’t locked out yesterday… 😦 We actually waited for you, but perhaps you didn’t read the comment of Liv… what a pity… 😦 We also were just three people yesterday, I think many people don’t play ACWW anymore… hmmmm…

  2. When I went to see the open gates, Liv was full 😮


    • That’s weird… 😮 Perhaps Copper was being weirdo again 😈

  3. yay my bday tommorow
    im sorry if u were locked out
    maybe i could have another party…

    • Have a wonderful birthday liv!! 🙂

  4. Sorrel’s so nice! She gave me a metroid too! Also, I got my Mario stuff on my second story!

  5. good idea, ill do a fancy-dress party in my town too.

    for more info go to:


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