Posted by: Mayu | March 26, 2009

Big turnip price, yaaaay!

Oh Emm Gee, when I checked my turnip price at 12PM, Nook offered me THIS price:

😯 EEEEK, that’s superb!! xD :mrgreen:

Of course I announced it on every board I am and Martina from Sunhill was also very happy to sell her turnips for this fabulous price:

Hi Martina, isn’t it a great feeling? 😀 Muahahaha, for one load of turnips we get this money:

862500 bells!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: (and I had 7 full loads 😛 ) xD EEEEK!

Then I had a new visitor from the Chaotenecke-board: it’s Jo from Pinktown ^^

Welcome Jo and you also earned a lot of bells by selling turnips 😉
Well, I had some other visitors, too but I kept my DS shut because I was busy at home 😉 So no photos of the other visitors, sorry about that.



  1. I really really wanted to sell my turnips that day 😦


    • Ohh you should have told me that day… 😦 Sorry about that Sorrel, I didn’t remember that you still have some turnips in your house… 😳

      • Im sad about turnip prices too, this morning i had a price of 169 soo i thought it would not get any higher… but it did! 80 it went up to 449! i was totally shocked, sad, and angry that i allready sold all of my turnips. 😥

      • i am soo sad today. 😥 i sold all of my turnips for 169 then when i got home after 12 o’clock the price was up to 449 😯 now i’ll have to wait till next week. at least im off from school thanks to SPRING BREAK! 🙂

        • Argh Dylan, I know that feeling very good xD. It seems always be the wrong time to sell, but 169 isn’t that bad, at least you made a little gain 😉

          • yah i guess your right.

  2. not again!

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