Posted by: Mayu | March 24, 2009

Morning fun with Alex, Norbie and P!nk^^

This morning I opened my gates with Miki again, because Michela wanted to give me her spring contest pattern and sent Alex to do this, because our Wifi connection is still weird when she’s doing Wifi from home.

Hi Alex, it’s nice of you to bring Michela’s pattern 😀

He soon displayed it at my Ables, and it’s really a cool pattern! 😮

Today with red hair? Hehe, you’re also changing your haircolour a lot 😉 .

And I invited Norbie to come, too :D. Hello!

When I was visiting Queenie I saw this weird furniture constellation. What does she think?? 😆

Norbie just wanted to show off his carp ^^

Then I was suddenly attacked by a very suspicious person!! :mrgreen:

P!nk also dropped by, yaay! 😀

Really… incredible!!! LOL

And a close-up netfight xD

Thanks for the great fun, guys! 😀



  1. Hi!
    Thanks again Nico.
    I have no idea what is wrong with stupid wifi.

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