Posted by: Mayu | March 24, 2009

Mermaid’s scrutiny

Tuesday, another Yuki’s evening again 😀
It wasn’t 8PM yet and I checked for open gates and I saw Jenny’s town Hampton open ^^

Hi Jenny! … no answer… she was offline I suppose xD

I sneaked into her house and found an amazing space room 😮 ! You should have heard it, the gyroids made such spacy sounds, it was really cool!

Huh? Why does Patty know my name? Did I visit her probably in Meow’s town? Hmmm…

Another scared neighbour again 🙄 . I laughed about it because it was like “EEEEEEEEK” *shocking face* *face went normal* *me pressing A button again* *shocked face again* “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!” hahaha that pause between it is strange :mrgreen:

I also met Shelley later on there 🙂 But I soon had to go and open my gates but she soon followed me and visited Mitsukyo:

Liv, who wanted to play also one time with adults, visited me too 😉

And who’s that Hippie? Yes,you guessed it right, it’s Meow lol

Well, she came as a birthday clown for me lol, thank you Meow 😆

Ohh… this is just one pic of Liv’s town where we all (Louise, Meow, Liv and me) were very busy with working on PTS… but… Wifi crashed and we didn’t save before, what a bummer!! 👿 😦 I promised to come Thursday evening again.

After Wifi crashed we went to Meow’s town. Haha that flower bed is also very nice as a town flag, cool xD

Jenny was back from afk and visited Meow. Here we tried to kidnap Kiki hehehe 😈

But Meow kept a jealous watch over her…

Meow’s house is … to say in one word… insane!! 😈

AAAAAHHH look at her eyes, look at her eyeeees!! 😯

Is… that… Jenny?? 😯

A mean gnome…


Uhhh I got blinded by these colours xP (but awesome!!! ♥ )

The bathroom was very creepy… the panda’s eyes… are cold…evil…


What’s the mermaid doing?? Did I forget to flush? 😳

Hahaha had several good laughter this evening, thanks a lot Jenny, Shelley, Liv, Louise and Meow 😉



  1. haha in that sleeping pic it looks like you’re kissing them goodnight

    • you’re right Albany lol

  2. hi can i come visit your town?

    • For this I need your details pls 😉

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