Posted by: Mayu | March 23, 2009

Sigh… Katie again…

Guess, what!

Arrrgh, I’ve got Katie again, sigh… 😕 !!

This time she looks for her mother in Tortuga, the town of biggi 😉

Okay, you found her again, happiness is back and I’ve got my peace too lol.

Ohh a Ranma flag, how cool is that! 😮

Hi Biggi, it’s nice that you opened the same day your gates. Thanks a lot! 😀

When I’m here I can also look around your town. Last time I was too busy by selling my turnips here, xD, how embarassing.

But biggi bought this time also some turnips, yay! :mrgreen:

Her house is FULL of neighbour pics, amazing! Well, she’s been playing ACWW also for a long time 😉

Do I look so horrifying, Alice?!? 👿

I had a lot of fun with you, Biggi, thanks a lot, hope to see you soon again 😀



  1. Thx 4 replying, I’m sure to get myself a Hambore! xD

    Btw, I’ll try 2 get a Wi-Fi USB – maybe I’ll visit u one day! ^w^

  2. Oh it’s a hamster Jenny, Hambone is just the name Sorrel has given to him lol

    And yes, would be nice to meet you 😉

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