Posted by: Mayu | March 22, 2009

PTS work for Nintown

A lot of people came today to Dylan’s town to help getting the perfect town status (PTS) 😀

Sorrel, Louise and me were in the town, but also Alex a few minutes earlier brought flowers to Dylan but because we were too many people to help and he also had to learn for his test tomorrow he was so kind and left town for me to stay 😉 Thanks a lot Alex!

Haha I think Dylan was quite happy that we all brought such a lot of flowers lol

And soon work started. First we planted trees on empty spots.

Dumdidumdidum, pts work is fun for me 😀

Then we spread the flowers over the town, wow, such a lot!! 😯

But Phyllis wasn’t satisfied yet, we had too many trees now lol. And Louise’s weird face is here because she was afk and the chara was sleeping there xD

Sorrel and me were a good chop trees/fill holes-team! 😀 It was rly a good help!

Another place where trees are too narrow to each other ^^

And finally we did it!! YAY! Congrats for PTS, Dylan!

Here you can see us hard working, but succesful team 😀
(Sorrel, Dylan, Louise and me in background)
Well I just wanted to fetch my tools from my town and wanted to come back, but unluckily I didn’t saw his town open again, but Julia’s gates went open so I dropped in there:

Hii, oh Liv, nice to meet you again! 😀 Hope your mother is better now. How about you Julia, still sick? 😦

Sorrel also got just error codes to get in to Dylan’s town later when he reopened his gates (sorry that I didn’t come anymore, Dylan 😳 ), so she went to Zychowo, too 😉

Awww I also like Tangy soo soo much, she’s really cute 😀

Thanks for opening your gates Julia 🙂


  1. Wow, that must have been a great feeling! How did you and your friends get to play together in one town?

    • It’s possible over the Wifi connection from Nintendo. Many games offer this feature to play together, but in ACWW it’s really great, because we can chat free without having standard answers and questions (what most games only have), we can visit each other, up to 4 people can be in the same town and you have the feeling you’re traveling over the world because people come together in this game from many countries. I play often with Americans, Europeans and Asians in one town, it’s such an amazing game lol.

  2. I KNOW!!!! i love acww 😀

  3. Lol i have tangy too! 🙂

  4. it is ok that you didn’t come i didn’t want to hog you or keep you from other players.

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