Posted by: Mayu | March 20, 2009

Having Biggi and Juldi over

Because Biggi let me sell all my turnips in her town and I had no time left afterwards to play with her I promised her to open my gates today and let her visit my town 😉

Welcome Biggi, it’s nice to see you again! 😀

Soon we began to stroll over the town and visited my neighbours.

Haha she didn’t like Gaston much and… I think he don’t like me either? Those eyes from Gaston look really mad to me… 😕

Then Juldi came around! 😀 Hiii, it has been a looong time. I know her still with her former name Tweety 😉

Juldi also saw this magic carpet for the first time, and she know this game also for several years, so I assume this item is really quite seldom?

I offered Biggi to pick my spare normal flowers which she happily accepted. 😉

Juldi also went to Katrina, but we both don’t really know what kind of advantage it is to visit her. More luck is not that noticeable, we just got aware when we had bad fortune again by tripping every time we run…

Thanks for your visit ^^


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