Posted by: Mayu | March 19, 2009

Hambone still running

I met Sorrel again this evening, hii! 😀

She has got interesting neighbours like:

Filbert, who’s wearing the same shirt like me…?!? 😈 hahaha

My new car… xP No, Gracie was just there in loveland. I wonder where’s she hiding when the gates are open…. hmmmm…

Rasher, cute as ever!! :mrgreen: He’s really cool~ 8) !

And I met Metty again, yay, you look good! Sorrel takes really care of you 😉

And Hambone is still running!! (you can hardly see him in the cage, what a pity) xD How many doping tablets do you give him every day, lol? Is he running to produce electricity?

Later on Julia and Nico came too, we talked a lot about the West which we all are playing now xD. (a little advertisement to join our town can’t be bad, muahahaha 😛 )



  1. Are you going to get Animal Crossing: City Folk/Animal Crossing: Let’s Go To The City!?

    When I do, (cause my Bdays in May) it would be nice to visit you. My Mum dosn’t agree to me using Wi-Fi for DS (she thinks the computer will get viruses, lol.)

    It’s kinda sad, cos’ I’m quite far on in WW, with lotsa’ cool items, anyhoo I’ll let ya’ know nearer the time. ^w^

    By da’ way, is the Hamster in a wheel a Gulliver item? It’s awwwwwwwwwwwwesome! =p

    • Hmm no Jenny, I think I won’t have ACCF in short time. We actually thought about buying a Wii but everytime we’re in the shop and see this tiny console with only one controller for the big prize of 249Euro, I always get angry about it and leave shop without buying it lol. I mean this isn’t the only thing what we have to buy, at least another controller should be bought, 2 Nun-chuks, a keyboard for ACCF, the game itself of course and Wii-speak (but I could also play without it), that has to be nearly 400 Euros then and it’s waay to much in my opinion for having fun with ACCF, too lol
      Perhaps when the Wii is getting cheaper we’ll think about it again 😉

      No the hamster is not a Gulliver item, you can buy it at Nooks, I think it’s a spotlight item ^^

  2. I got my email wrong the first time…-_-

  3. Yup^^ He powers my house ^^

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