Posted by: Mayu | March 19, 2009

Fun part 2 in Toronto

Hehe the fun continued in Savanna’s town now 😉

This was in Savanna’s house, such a nice garden with pool, TV, beds and flowers 😀

Naughty Joshua didn’t let me come down from the chair again 😈 I had to look on Goose’s pic for a loooong time 😆

Ohh such a cool carpet in the upper room :o, very nice!!

I got injured during the netfight, all were hitting me, poor meee 😦 LOL 😆

Hahaha, this was weird, while Savanna talked to Pompom she turned her face to the wall instead to her, don’t you like Savanna, Pompom?? xP

Crazy digging game in front of the townhall 🙂

Wow, you’ve got many colourful patterns at Ables, Savanna, awesome!

I chose this design, it looks so cool as umbrellas, don’t you think so too?

But also as a combination it looks really pretty!

Thanks for the fun, Lolli, Savanna and Joshua 😀 😀



  1. Hee hee thanks! (this is Savanna) I’m glad you had fun!

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