Posted by: Mayu | March 19, 2009

Fun in Sunville

Yay, today I met Lolli finally again 😀 . First we met up in Mitsukyo:

Hi Lolli, good that you’re wearing an umbrella, it’s raining here ^^

That’s Lolli’s spring design pattern, I accidently put it on my water design and that’s why my pool has changed in that, doh! xP

After a short chit-chat we decided to go to her town Sunville, because her siblings wanted to play with me, too 🙂

I just could take a nice pic of her cute town flag before Joshua and Savvana arrived ^^

Together we explored Lolli’s house.

Aww, nice exotic room, and those gyroids matched so funny and perfectly to the music, it was really amazing!

In the kitchen I found one of my favourite gyroids: the Dekkoid! They are soo cute, because in my ears they always say something like “dekkai….dekkai”, the only gyroids who are “talking” in a way and not just giving us sounds and beeps lol.

When I explored the upper room Joshua came to show it to me 😀 . Hello! ^^

And the right one is Savanna, I met her some weeks ago. Nice to see you again. 🙂

We had fun with fishing…

…nice seabass, right, Joshua? 😛

But we also played hide&seek…

… and a treasure hunt where we should find gyroids and fossils in 5 minutes, the one who found the most is the winner. In this case Joshua found 5 items and won this competition 😀

Then we headed over to Savanna’s town… (to be continued in next post lol)


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