Posted by: Mayu | March 19, 2009

After-exams-party with P!nk

P!nk finally finished all her importants exams at school and wanted to celebrate it with a party 😀

Hi P!nk it’s nice that you’ve got more spare time now 🙂
And wonderful hybrid garden^^. Alex was also there can you see him? 😆

So colourful I really love it 😀

P!nk can create some flowers, too, haha. xD

Ahh, here you can see Alex much better ^^. And poooh, have you eaten your supper with your hands and feet? You muckypup (HAHA, when I looked up this word I had to laugh, what a cute name – in German it’s just “Dreckspatz” – “mud sparrow” xP )

Trying out the “dressing”? Is that the real name for this bandage??

Then Alex told me that I should have the kitten in my town and if we can reunite them because he had to go to school very soon. Of course that was no problem and we partied over that Alex could open his gates and I was looking for Katie meanwhile:

Ahhh found her! Aww poor kitten, you look for your mother in Manila, right? Come with me 😀

dumdidum, slowly, very slowly we were walking towards the gates.

Oops, I was too quick, she tripped and started crying again xP

But finally we could reunite them again 🙂 Cute scene, but after 2 years of having her that often it’s a little annoying xD

Thanks a lot Alex, that’s the best way to bring them together on the first day they’re in our towns 😉

Ohh P!nk changed her hairstyle 😀 .Blonde pigtails, pretty!! xD

Huuh, what a scary face!! 😆 Have you told her something wrong there Alex?? Very suspicious :mrgreen:

It was a nice party, sorry again P!nk that I came that late 😳



  1. It’s OK. Can I give you my Spring pattern now? Or perhaps later? I can stay up late today!!!

  2. Ok bring it now pls, later on I’ve no time 😉

  3. Sorry Mayu, I had to go (tomorrow I’m visiting someone to try and fix their wifi, must sleep). Hope you like your pressies!

    • Awww thanks for the dekkoid and the jacobs ladder ♥ I’ll soon put it in my house 😀

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