Posted by: Mayu | March 17, 2009

The Incredibles

It was Yuki’s evening again and like usual Meow dropped by ^^:

Happy St. Patricks day, wow you look awesome in your selfdesigned green clover shirt 🙂

Meow gave me a green shirt as a present, thanks a lot! 😀

Looks like Robin pinched you anyway on the nose, Meow xP

This is Shelley, I gave her quickly a four-leaf clover before Meow can treat her bad 😛

We had a lot of fun at fishing 🙂

And Meow admired my magic carpet xD. Jesse, you didn’t tell me those magical words to ride on it 😯

I really like this magic carpet, it looks great :mrgreen:

Hehe I thought pinching would mean same like punching but Meow told me better, thank you 😉

Deedee came also later. Wooow, what a nice shirt pattern! It’s from the incredibles!! 😮 I have to have it!! 😛

Now we’re all heroes, yaaay!

Meow and I examined Nook with our xray vision. Zooooooom!

Well, that’s more peeping and no xray needed! :mrgreen:

I had a lot of fun again! See ya soon again! 😀



  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun. 🙂

  2. Coool! You went from being green, like the incredible hulk, to being just Incredible! Lol!

    Yes, St. Patrick’s day… Pffft! It’s hardly mentioned in England xD. How come you know about it in Germany? I thought it was an Irish thing^^ In ACCF I recieved a Shamrocks hat:

    Mum is only wearing it because she doesn’ know how to take it off 😛 Shhh, I want to see how long it takes for her to work it out, hehehe xD

    • Yeah, St. Patrick’s Day is hardly mentioned in Canada, too.

      Hey! What a mean trick to play on your mom! 😆

    • No St. Patrick’s day is also as good as unknown here in Germany, too. But Norbie from Australia and people from USA are celebrating it a lot (so it looks like) and they told me how to behave at this day xD. It was fun though and interesting ^^

      Haha has your mother figured it out now? xD

      • Molly told Mum now 🙄 xD Trust her to give into my Mum’s begging 😆

  3. OMGoodness! An Incredibles Shirt! 😮 I have to have it!! 😆 Mayu, I’m available tomorrow, so can you display that in your Able Sisters?

  4. Waait… Mayu, there’s the Incredibles in Germany, too?

    • Yes the Incredibles are called “Die Unglaublichen” here 🙄 and it’s really a great movie 😀

      • Cool! *hums Incredibles Theme Song* “Die Unglaublichen!!” 😀 I have it on DVD (but of course in the English version :P)

        So, I’m available today; what time is good for you?

        • What about 3PM my time? 😀

  5. WOW! INCREDIBLES! I LOVE INCREDIBLES MAYU!!!!!!!!!! 😉 can u plz give me this pattern plz i have the dr shrunk pattern if u want:D

    • to Lolli and norbie: Yes sure, I’ve still displayed it at my Ables, next time you come just get it 😉

  6. ok , 😀 so can i come right now?? plz

    • oops sorry norbie, I was invited to P!nks party and I’ve also to go soon 😦
      Can you play in 1 hour at 1PM my time?

  7. 3pm? Oh, I saw your comment to Norbie and was rushing to the Main Gates so that I could come! 😆

  8. haha sorry Lolli, I waited 20 min for him and then closed again xP .
    Are you still there? Then I can open now, if you want ^^

  9. Gates are open I just wait for you Lolli xP

  10. Yes, I can come now!! :mrgreen:

  11. i love the Incredibles movie

    • Yes I liked this movie, too ^^

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