Posted by: Mayu | March 16, 2009

Sanni’s first Wifi-play :)

Yay, I’ve got a lot of new people in Mayu’s roster so I can also play with Mayu more often now, I’m really glad about it ^^
This time I saw Sanni from Olliville’s gates open so I dropped by to say hello 😀

Hi Sanni, ohh, you say I’m the first Wifi visitor? How cool is that, I feel flattered 😳

That’s her house with a very intersting star design in front of the letterbox. What a cute face on it! 🙂

Haha inside the stereo was playing music and the gyroids made such a funny noise to it, I really had to laugh about this sound xD.

That’s her other room in the second floor. Yay, I see Rodeo’s photo in the back, Rodeo is so cool!

Ahh here you can see Sanni much better! She’s a very nice person around my age, I had a lot of fun there ^^

She asked me to buy something from Nook to get Nookingtons, of course that was no problem 😉

Let’s visit Rodeo ^^. Oh my, such a strong character but he got frightened when I talked to him lol. (‘Wha-! Don’t scare me! Hm? I even don’t know you! Don’t sneak around!’)

Joey was also very surprised to see a guest in Ollivill 😆 .(‘Wow! What a surprise!”)

Here I invited Sanni to come to my town. She was just going through my gates.

Also her first Wifi-visit today. Yay! :mrgreen:

Of course she was also surprised to see all my turnips in my house, like every new visitor xD.

Thanks for the fun Sanni and hope to see you soon again 🙂


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